LockStraps on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Tie-Down Straps

Lock Straps Shark Tank, Locking Straps on Shark Tank


If you’re worried about your valuables being stolen, look no further than LockStraps, a new product that will be featured on tonight’s episode of Shark Tank.

The product’s website reads, “Keep your valuables safe with the only tie-down straps designed to eliminate the threat of having something stolen. The visible combination lock and hidden steel cable deters over 90% of potential thieves.” LockStraps are especially useful to those on the go– they can be used to lock down your motorcycle, helmet, bags, ladder, and much more.

The tie-down strap, which runs 2.5 feet, is on sale for $24.99. If you want a longer strap, you will pay up to $44.99. The locking carabiner is on sale for $15.95.

LockStraps are a handy replacement for chains and padlocks, and the customizable combination lock means you don’t need to keep a key around.

How did Jeff Cranny come up with the idea for LockStraps to begin with? In 2009, he stepped away from his motorcycle with gear on it, and returned to find that his gear had been stolen. Insurance didn’t cover the cost of the stolen items, and he decided to come up with his own form of protection by inventing the LockStrap.

Cranny, according to Monsters and Critics, spent four years experimenting with designs and materials until landing on the current LockStrap.

The mission of the company is, “To develop innovative quality products that fill an obvious void in the marketplace. We strive to provide the best possible products with the highest level of customer service in the industry. At Lockstraps our customers come first.”

One testimonial for the product, from a professional painter, states, “… I went into Home Depot to pick up some supplies only to find when I came back to my truck that the straps were cut all the way to the cable by a knife or something sharp. The Lockstraps saved me $4,000.00 worth of tools and supplies.”

You can buy LockStrap through the product’s website here, or through Amazon here.

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