Paulie Calafiore Cheated on His Girlfriend With Cara Maria Sorbello

Cara Maria and Paulie Calafiore


Paulie Calafiore came into America’s homes when he was a houseguest on Big Brother. He has since joined MTV’s The Challenge as a competitor this season. Over the course of filming, Calafiore, who was dating Bachelor cast-off Danielle Maltby at the time, carried on a flirtation with cast-mate Cara Maria Sorbello. Unfortunately for Calafiore’s now ex-girlfriend, his flirtation with Sorbello turned into a cheating scandal.

When news broke that Calafiore had cheated, he released the following statement to E! News about the ordeal, “I am not proud of my actions these past weeks. I know they speak louder than these words. I have destroyed the one person that has believed in and brought out the best in me. I have many things I need to work on and repair internally. I want to be better. I know I haven’t earned it, but I ask for patience and privacy while I work on repairing myself.”

A rep for Maltby, at the time, said that she was completely blindsided, devastated and heartbroken. After the scandal broke, Calafiore and Sorbello ended up getting into a relationship with each other. But, Sorbello had only kind words to say about Maltby. She told E!, “What I can say is Paulie has always said really, really good things about Danielle. He’s never said a bad word about her, he thinks the world of her. But I think that he found himself attracted to me and didn’t expect that … He definitely cares about Danielle a lot and everything that he’s doing, even on social media, he tries not to post anything or engage in anything because he doesn’t want to disrespect her and what he had with her, just because she was always good to him and he loved what they had but I think he wanted something else. Which was me.”

According to Sorbello, Calafiore had told her that he wishes he would have been able to call Maltby, be honest with her and break up with her before anything happened between them. But, being on The Challenge made it difficult.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Calafiore said that one of his biggest regrets about the situation was that both Maltby and Sorbello caught heat over his having cheated. He explained, “The fact that Cara and Danielle started catching a whole bunch of shit because of the situation … that’s one thing that I wish was handled better. Why are you going to go after Cara and throw it in Danielle’s face? I’m the one who fucked up, so if you’re gonna blame someone, blame me. It was my fuck up and I can handle dealing with that, but Danielle doesn’t need to see shit thrown in her face from other people.”

Danielle Maltby had been on The Bachelor and then Bachelor in Paradise. She struck up a strong friendship with Wells Adams, who many fans hoped would turn into a romantic relationship. Today, Wells Adams is dating actress Sarah Hyland. Currently, one of Maltby’s good friends, Hannah Godwin, is a contestant on The Bachelor 2019 with Colton Underwood.

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