WATCH: Concertgoers ‘Tried to Attack’ Pusha T on Stage [VIDEO]

Pusha T performing

Getty Rapper Pusha T performs at Drai's Beach Club - Nightclub at The Cromwell Las Vegas.

Concertgoers are reporting that someone from the audience jumped on stage and tried to attack rapper Pusha T during his Toronto concert Tuesday night. According to fans who took to Twitter to react after the incident, Pusha T continued the concert with security on stage but concluded early, and the cops were called.

In one 9 second clip, several men throw punches on stage, and there appear to be a couple of men on the ground during the brief fight. At the end of the clip, a man jumps up and off the stage, into the audience. @rdassaly posted the video, including in his caption that the “show ended after 40 minutes.”

In another witness’s video, which is from the back of the venue, Pusha T is performing when suddenly several figures jump onto the stage from the side of the crowd. The music abruptly stops, and the crowd is pushed back away from the stage. The poster of the video, @rayadamss, reported: “someone tried to attack pusha and there was a brawl after.”

In yet another fan-captured video, this time from the front of the crowd, you can see water being thrown at Pusha T while he performs on stage. He retreats out of frame and security comes forward, intercepting the reported assailants as they try to get onto the stage.

CTV Toronto confirmed that “Performers at Danforth Music Hall ‘attacked by a group.'” They also reported that three people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. The identities of those injured, or details regarding their involvement in the incident, have not been revealed.

Toronto is the home of singer/rapper Drake, who Pusha T dissed earlier this year in his song “Infrared.” Fans reported on Twitter that Pusha performed the song on stage after the incident.