How to Stream & Download Muse’s ‘Simulation Theory’

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Tonight, Muse is dropping its eighth studio album Simulation Theory. The album has been in the works since last year, and has been preceded by a handful of promotional singles like “Dig Down”, “Thought Contagion”, “Something Human” and “The Dark Side.”

How to Stream & Listen to Muse’s New Album ‘Simulation Theory’

Simulation Theory will be made available on a number of streaming platforms at 9 p.m. Pacific time (Nov. 8) or midnight Eastern (Nov. 9) depending on your time zone. We’ve listed the different platforms that the album will be released on, and the ways in which you can listen to them below.

Apple Music

You will be able to stream Muse’s new album on iTunes and Apple Music. If you have an Apple Music account, you can go into the app on your phone or tablet and set the notifications to alert you when the album is out. Click here to learn how.

If you don’t have an Apple Music account and want to try it out, you can click here to start a free 30-day trial. If you cancel during your trial period, you’ll continue to have access to the entire Apple Music catalog until the date that you would have been billed for the full price. The album is also available for pre-order on iTunes, which you can check out here.


Based on the standard release schedule for Spotify, Simulation Theory will also be available to stream on the platform. If you don’t have a Spotify account, you can sign up for one here and pay only $0.99 for the first three months.



Muse’s album will also be available to listen to on Tidal. The streaming service offers a free 30-day trial with Tidal Premium, which provides  access to music videos and curated playlists.

There is also a free 30-day trial option for Tidal HiFi, which provides access to videos, playlists, and Lossless High Fidelity sound quality. Click here to sign up for either trial.


MUSE – Something Human [Official Music Video]Origin of Symmetry XX RemiXX out now Watch the music video for the new song “Something Human” now! Listen to the song on your preferred digital service here: Listen to the new album Simulation Theory now! Available on digital, vinyl, CD, cassette and Super Deluxe Boxset: “SOMETHING HUMAN” My circuits have blown…2018-07-19T13:59:50Z

In a recent interview with Forbes, Muse frontman Matt Bellamy spoke on the topics and themes that get explored on the new album. “The music industry itself was probably one of the first industries to experience automation. I’m talking about musicians,” he revealed. “That’s automation right there. Someone is switching on a laptop and they are literally putting about 30 people out of a job in terms of musicians. It didn’t really occur to me until making this album the song “Algorithms” specifically, that has been one of the themes in a lot of these albums, this complicated relationship of mistrust, but also the desire to embrace the emerging new technologies and how they affect our lives.”

Bellamy went on to discuss the politics of the group, and how that’s informed the songwriting on Simulation Theory. “I think where artists start getting into dangerous ground is when you start getting too partisan in any way,” he said. “I’m fundamentally against the whole concept of party politics. To me the concept of a party is just a hijack of democracy. The American system I think is better in many ways than the U.K. system. The structure, maybe that’s the better word.”

The Deluxe Version of the Album Includes 16 Tracks

Muse released the tracklist for the album on August 30. The standard version boasts 11 tracks, while the deluxe version has 16, including alternative takes and acoustic versions of cuts like “Algorithm” and “Something Human.”

1. “Algorithm”
2. “The Dark Side”
3. “Pressure”
4. “Propaganda”
5. “Break It to Me”
6. “Something Human”
7. “Thought Contagion”
8. “Get Up and Fight”
9. “Blockades”
10. “Dig Down”
11. “The Void”

12. “Algorithm” (Alternate Reality version)
13. “The Dark Side” (Alternate Reality version)
14. “Propaganda” (acoustic)
15. “Something Human” (acoustic)
16. “Dig Down” (acoustic gospel version)

The album cover for Simulation Theory was designed by Stranger Things artist Kyle Lambert, and the group’s music videos have been directed by Miike Snow and Lance Drake. The album pays homage to 1980s pop culture and science fiction stories like Back to the Future, Critters, Ghostbusters, Teen Wolf and Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

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