MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Season 33 Cast

The Challenge Season 33


As season 32 of The Challenge comes to a close, fans are already eager to know about season 33. Who are the cast members? What kind of theme is the upcoming season? Well, we have the spoilers on who has joined the cast and the theme below.

According to Vevmo, season 33 will be called The Challenge: War of the Worlds. This season’s cast members also include people from shows including Big Brother, Ex on the Beach, Floribama Shore, Party Down South, The Bachelorette and American Ninja Warrior. Reality Blurred has reported that the upcoming season is currently filming in Swakopmund, Namibia, in Africa.

So, who are the cast members?

Ashley Cain, from the UK’s Ex on the Beach.

Amanda Garcia, from Are You The One? 3.

Ashley Mitchell, from Real World: Ex-plosion.

Chase McNary, from The Bachelorette season 12 and MTV’s Ex on the Beach.

Cara Maria Sorbello, originally from Fresh Meat 2.

CT Tamburello, the fan-favorite from Real World Paris.

Da’Vonne Rogers, from Big Brother 17.

Georgia Harrison, from the UK shows The Only Way Is Essex and Love Island.

Gus Smyrnios, from Floribama Shore.

Hunter Barfield, from Are You The One? 3.

Jenna Compono, from Real World: Ex-plosion.

Johnny Bannanas, from Real World Key West.

João Paulo Andrade “Jotape”, from the Brazilian Ex on the Beach.

Josh Martinez, from Big Brother 19.

Kam Williams, from Are You the One? 5.

Kyle Christie, from Geordie Shore.

Leroy Garret, from Real World Las Vegas 2.

Liz and Julia Nolan, the twin sisters from Big Brother 17’s twin twist.

Mattie Lynn Breaux, from the canceled reality show Party Down South.

Morgan Willet, from Big Brother: Over the Top and Ex on the Beach.

Nany Gonzalez, from Real World Las Vegas 2.

Natalie Negrotti, from Big Brother 18.

Natalie Duran, from American Ninja Warrior and Team Ninja Warrior.

Paulie Calafiore, from Big Brother 18.

Stephen Bear, from the UK’s Ex on the Beach.

Theo Campbell, from the UK’s show Love Island.

Weston Bergmann, from Real World Austin.

Zach Nichols, from Real World San Diego 2.

Zahida Allen, from the UK’s Ex on the Beach and Geordie Shore.

The new season is filled with some veterans and fan-favorites, while there are a ton of new cast members from new shows in the mix. Usually, the competitions start out with the veterans against the rookies, aka the newbies, so this will probably happen as well.

In addition, several of the cast members are in romantic relationships with each other, so this could definitely put targets on their backs. Zach Nichols and Jenna Compono have been in an off-and-on relationship for years, but they were last reported to be together. On season 22 of the show, Paulie Calafiore was dating Danielle Maltby from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. While filming, he cheated on her with fellow cast-mate Cara Maria Sorbello. Ultimately, this led to the demise of Calafiore’s relationship with Maltby, but he ended up dating Sorbello. The two are reportedly still together. There are also several cast members who have issues with each other, so that should make for some entertaining drama as well.

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