‘The Voice’ Judge Kelly Clarkson Dishes on Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey The Voice

Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Every season on The Voice, a key adviser joins the judges to help mentor their contestants during the knockout rounds. For season 15 of the show, superstar Mariah Carey has come aboard.

Over the years, Carey has been known for her amazing vocals, her fashion risks and her diva moments. But, when it comes to The Voice, coach Kelly Clarkson has squashed any diva rumors surrounding Carey’s participation in the show.

Despite the rumors, Clarkson told USA Today that, “Honest to god, I know everyone thinks she was a diva and probably so awkward. I’ve been doing this show for three seasons. She honestly did her homework, knew the singers, knew the songs and gave solid advice. Everyone was floored. I was floored … She could have walked in and been a diva and we all would have still worked with that.”

Clarkson said that Carey was a pleasure, but she did say she struggled in her glamorous high heels. No one gave Carey the memo that there would be a lot of legwork involved in guest coaching. Clarkson explained, “On that stage, you’re up, you’re down, it’s kind of like Catholic services but you’re doing it in heels. And there are these grates. But she was wearing these amazing boots … But (Carey) didn’t change those amazing shoes.”

Previously, Naughty Gossip reported that Carey had asked the show to become a full-time judge, but that the show rejected her, for fear of diva antics. A source told Naughty Gossip that, “She was difficult before she got the job, can you imagine what a nightmare she would be once hired. They passed and wished her the best. To be on The Voice you have to want to spent a lot of time with the team. Mariah isn’t really known for hanging out and mentoring people. This would have been a disaster.” From what Clarkson had to say about Carey, it doesn’t sound like this was the case, at least not when hiring her to be a guest adviser on the show.

Radar Online had reported that all four of the 2018 judges on The Voice were against Carey being a key adviser and that their opinions were overruled by the network, but Gossip Cop has debunked this report. A source had told Radar that, at the time of hiring Carey, the judges “don’t think the show needs another famous name as an advisor given they already have four big celebs … They don’t want the drama and stress she brings to shows she’s on.” Again, this does not appear to be the case.

In fact, in a video posted by The Voice online, Blake Shelton said that if any of the singers on the show were to take “some advice from anybody on the planet, if you’re a singer, I’d listen to Mariah Carey.” After the Knockout Rounds with Mariah Carey, The Voice will transition to its live shows.

Currently, Carey is gearing up to release her new album “Caution”, on November 16, 2018. She also will be going on tour at the end of February 2019, according to Billboard.

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