‘The Voice’ Season 15 Teams: 2018 Top 13 Contestants

Photo by: Art Streiber/NBC Gallery: 1/5

"The Voice" 2018 Winners

It's season 15 of The Voice and the judges continue on with their teams, as the top 13 are set to perform. All four of the judges have previously appeared on the show as coaches and each of them are hoping to take the win this season. Judges Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are long-running coaches and champions on the show, while Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson have also been judges on the show before this season. Last season, Clarkson had the winning contestant, so it's safe to say that it's anyone's game.

Along the way, Kelsea Ballerini has also joined the franchise as a host and a coach, on a companion series title The Comeback Stage. The digital series offered six cast-offs from this season's blind auditions on the show, the opportunity to make their way back into the competition. Last week, the final two contestants from The Comeback Stage went head to head during the live results show, competing for America's votes. Ultimately, only one of them made it through and they had the opportunity to choose their coach.

This week, the contestants will compete for spots in the top 11.

Last week, the top 24 performed, along with the two comeback contestants. The judges were then forced to have their teams cut in half by the end of the results episode. America's votes sent through some of their favorites and then the judges had to choose who to save from elimination. Coach Adam Levine voiced that it was unfair to cut down on the talented singers so early in the competition, but he was forced to make a decision. Before letting America know who he chose to save, he stated on the show, "It's almost like at this point in the competition it's just too early to make these types of decisions. You know, you keep whittling away and then over time it gets to this moment and then all of a sudden, once you've finally gotten to this great group ... it's just brutal. I think that all four of you guys have so much more to do and so much more to offer so it makes this decision impossible, as Blake said, and kinda unfair because we'd be unfairly judging you guys in a moment when I truly believe it's not the time for that."

The other judges, of course, had difficulties choosing singers to move forward in the competition. Normally, at this stage, the contestants move into the top 12, but, because of The Comeback Stage, it became the top 13. But, this didn't change the next step in the competition, since the top 13 will reportedly be cut down to the normal top 11. Tune in to see the contestants' performances as well as to see who makes it through to the next round.

With that said, let's get to know each of the teams so far, as well as the individual contestants, starting with Adam Levine's team. Continue on in our gallery to see the other teams on The Voice 2018.