Is ‘This Is Us’ on TV Tonight on 11/6/2018? When Is the Next New Episode?

Is This Is Us on Television tonight

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This Is Us is not on television tonight, on 11/6/2018, because of the elections. Your local NBC station will be covering the elections throughout the night, causing a change in the network’s normal television schedule. This Is Us will return to its normal timeslot next week, airing episode 7, titled “Sometimes,” on Tuesday, November 13, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

‘This Is Us’ Episode 6 Recap

Kate recently found out that she was pregnant after having IVF. Meanwhile, Toby has been dealing with severe depression after stopping his medication to increase Kate’s chances of getting pregnant.

Kevin is on a mission to learn more about his dad’s life and has convinced his girlfriend, Zoe — his sister-in-law Beth’s sister — to travel with him to Vietnam.

Randall Pearson has decided to run for office in hopes of making a difference in his community. He offers his wife, Beth, a job, asking her to join his campaign. Beth, who recently lost her job, accepts the position and the couple is ready to take on this new challenge as a team.

Additionally, there have been several flashbacks that show Jack’s life in his Vietnam days and the early days of his relationship with Rebecca.

“Sometimes” will continue following the storylines of the Pearson family as they navigate through their respective lives after losing their dad, Jack.

You can watch the episode preview in the video below.

This Is Us 3×07 Promo "Sometimes" (HD)This Is Us 3×07 "Sometimes" Season 3 Episode 7 Promo – Check out the promo for This Is Us Season 3 Episode 7 "Sometimes" airing in two weeks on Tuesday November 13th on NBC. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more This Is Us season 3 promos in HD! This Is Us official website:…2018-10-31T02:03:49.000Z


‘This Is Us’ Will Likely Be on Hiatus in December, But ‘Big Stuff Is Coming,’ According to the Show’s Creator

Season 3 of This Is Us consists of 18 episodes. By Thanksgiving week, the current season of the show will be half over. During the holiday season, NBC usually moves things around and postpones its regular shows for at least two weeks. It is presumed that This Is Us will be on a brief hiatus this winter, resuming sometime in January, but those exact dates have not yet been announced.

“We have a lot of big stuff coming. We’re six episodes in editing and 11 episodes in script, and I feel very strongly that this season is as strong as we’ve ever been. I feel very confident,” creator Dan Fogelman told Deadline back in September.

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