WATCH: Nas Releases Powerful Film for his Album ‘NASIR’

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There are very few emcees that can match the essence and feeling that Nas creates when he touches a microphone. Nas is one of the greatest, living hip-hop artists in existence and, as participants in the culture, we should definitely be giving the legend his flowers while we still have the opportunity.

“The World Is Yours” rapper released his latest solo LP this past summer, NASIR, entirely produced by the controversial rapper turned designer, Kanye West. The album received mixed reviews upon its release for its length and production quality. While some listeners and tastemakers might have disapproved of Nas’ latest effort but, there hasn’t been any particular reason in regards to Nas performance on the album to cause fans to dislike the album other than the hip-hop community’s disdain for Kanye’s politics.

NASIR– The Film

Now, exactly five months after the release of NASIR, the Queensbridge artist has dropped a short-film for the album entitled of the same name, NASIR– The Film. The mini-movie is filled with powerful imagery in various different settings. Clips from the Civil Rights movement flash throughout the beginning of the film while we get a look into the lives of the residents in his hometown of Queens, New York. The film also emphasizes the fractured relationship between law enforcement and the black community.

Nas performs hits off the album including, “Not For Radio,” “Cops Shot The Kid,” “White Label,” “Adam & Eve,” “everything,” and “Simple Things.” With that said, check out Nas’ NASIR– The Film above and listen to the full album, here.

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