‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9 Episode 6 Ending: What Did *They* Say?


Rick’s absence was felt during The Walking Dead tonight, even with a six-year time jump between Rick’s departure and resuming the storyline. But that didn’t stop tonight’s episode from being phenomenal. A very unexpected twist happened at the end and no, you weren’t imagining things. Here’s a look at what was said at the end of tonight’s episode.

At the very end of tonight’s episode, Eugene and Rosita covered themselves in mud and hid in a pit while the zombies walked past. But something very unusual happened next. And no, you weren’t imagining it.

Some of the walkers DID say something as they walked past Rosita and Eugene.

They said:

“Where are they?”

“They must be close”

“Don’t let them get away”

So no, you didn’t hear things and you weren’t imagining things. We won’t explain more about what’s going on in this article so you aren’t spoiled. But here are some reactions from people on Twitter to what happened: