Where Did Negan Go on ‘The Walking Dead’? [SPOILERS S09E08]


If you watched the midseason finale of The Walking Dead for Season 9, then you know that something unexpected happened to Negan. But where did he go after that? This article has spoilers, not just for Season 9 Episode 8, but minor spoilers based on the preview trailer for the second half of the season. 

At the end of Season 9 episode 8, Negan discovered that his cell had been left unlocked. (And if you watched closely, you would know this happened when Gabriel left angrily and forgot to make sure Negan’s cell door was closed.) Negan walked out of his jail cell, free for the first time in more than six years.

But where did Negan go?

The answer is revealed in the trailer for the second half of the season.

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At the very end of the trailer, Negan is shown walking into the Sanctuary. He’s standing in his old spot, overlooking the Sanctuary, and whistling that same Negan tune. And he says, “home sweet home.”

Here are some photos from the trailer:



It’s not clear from the trailer if Negan will go immediately to the Sanctuary or if he will meet up with other people first along the way. But at some point, he ends up at the Sanctuary, whistling that same tune.

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