Where Was Hallmark’s ‘It’s Christmas, Eve’ Filmed? Was It Really Filmed in Franklin, Pennsylvania?

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It’s a pretty safe bet that almost anyone watching a Hallmark movie will wish they could visit the beautiful towns where the movies are filmed. Tonight’s movie is no exception. The movie stars LeAnn Rimes and Tyler Hynes. In this movie, Rimes returns to her hometown and is going to have to face making some pretty serious budget cuts. But just where was this delightful hometown actually filmed? Read on for details.

The movie takes place in Franklin, Pennsylvania, but that’s not where it was actually filmed. It’s Christmas, Eve was filmed in Canada, primarily in Chilliwack and in Abbotsford including Clayburn Village, according to What’s Filming. The movie was filmed in March in the Vancouver, British Columbia area, Daily Mail reported.

In Chilliwack, many scenes were filmed at the Chilliwack Central Elementary Community School and on Mill Street, Fraser Valley News Network reported. Here’s a video they shared from the filming:

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Mill Street, which is in downtown Chilliwack, is definitely worth visiting to get that holiday feeling.

Kerry from I’ve Scene It on Hallmark visited Abbotsford during the filming and wrote about her experience here. She said much of the filming took place at the Clayburn Schoolhouse, and the area was completely transformed to look like Christmas in March.

In fact, Eve Road Productions was so happy about Clayburn Village’s hospitality while they filmed the movie that they hosted an open house for the residents on March 27, where everyone could come to the set. They had barbecue, hot chocolate, coffee, and snacks, and invited the residents to come and learn about the film.

Here’s a photo of one of the homes used in the movie in Clayburn:

Hallmark’s synopsis for tonight’s movie reads: “As interim school superintendent, Eve (Rimes) trims budgets and now she’s in her hometown where it’s personal. Her handsome neighbor Liam (Hines) is a music teacher and Eve feels his program must be cut. But luckily her friend is married to an IT guy, who’s created a website for donations directly to save the arts program. Launched during the tree-lighting ceremony where Liam’s students will perform, the website could provide the Christmas miracle the town needs. Already the universe is cooperating. Eve is back home and she, Liam, and his daughter look like they might be celebrating many a future Christmas.”

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