Who Died on ‘The Walking Dead’ Tonight? Did Rick Die on TWD or Just Leave? [SPOILERS]


Tonight has been widely reported as being Rick’s final episode on The Walking Dead. Season 9 Episode 5 is upon us, and based on what happened at the end of last week’s episode, it isn’t looking good. But does Rick really die? And does anyone else die tonight? Some fans have long theorized that Rick “disappears” somehow but he doesn’t really die. We’ll provide some background first, and then we will update this post live as the episode airs. WARNING: There will be spoilers here for Episode 5 as the episode progresses. We will update this post live when we know exactly what happened to Rick on the show tonight. 

Fans have long been speculating that Rick’s last episode will be Season 9 Episode 5, which is tonight. According to an interview with EW and Comicbook.com, Rick’s last episode is going to air on November 4, called “What Comes After.” Greg Nicotero is directing tonight’s episode, so of course they would only bring in the best for this event.

Episode 4 ended with Rick impaled as the walkers closed in. If you see the preview, you’ll see that Rick wasn’t dead quite yet, but likely won’t last long.

Andrew Lincoln has said that he and Scott Gimple were planning his exit as far back as Season 4, but they originally intended for him to leave in Season 8, Comicbook.com reported. He just wasn’t ready when Season 8 rolled around.

Fans have been wondering if Lincoln might be making a temporary exit but his character will still be alive somewhere. In fact, Lincoln once promised that Rick Grimes is “far from over.” But at the same time, it’s really unclear how Rick could survive being impaled by rebar in a post-apocalyptic world.

We will update this story below this section with details about what happens tonight, as the episode airs. 

At the beginning of the episode, Rick survived the impaling and didn’t die passed out on the rebar. He pulled himself off the rebar and rode away on the white horse. But as this has been billed as being his last episode, it’s likely he won’t survive without some kind of help.

In later scenes, Rick is hallucinating pretty bad. It’s probably from loss of blood. :(

Halfway through the episode and Rick is still alive, riding the horse. No one has died yet on this episode, except for some walkers. By 43 minutes into the episode, Rick is still alive but barely. Oh, and his white horse is alive because he left Rick AGAIN.

Near the end, Rick is on the bridge while a horde of zombies are approaching. He sees Maggie, Daryl, Carol and his people come to try to help him, while he stand on the bridge watching the walkers approach in a huge horde. Seeing his family, he aims his gun and shoots the dynamite on the bridge, exploding the bridge and killing the walkers, but taking himself down with them. He saves the town, but it’s assumed that he died in the process. With a wound like he had, it doesn’t seem likely that he would survive, but there are still about 10 minutes left in the show.

And that last 10 minutes paid off. RICK DID NOT DIE. He was saved by Jadis because he’s a B (not an A.) She’s flying him somewhere, and he’s going to live. Remember, AMC never said Rick was dying, just that we were watching his final episodes.