Did Beyoncé Music Leak Under Alias Queen Carter? Yes.

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Getty Beyonce at the Met Gala in 2016.

Beyoncé has a long history of surprise releases. Her last two albums, 2016’s Lemonade and 2018’s Jay-Z collaboration Everything Is Love, were released without any promotion or lead singles. That said, the latest Beyoncé releases, credited to the name Queen Carter, were not officially sanctioned by the singer when they appeared on streaming services on Thursday.

A ten track album titled Have Your Way, were uploaded to Apple Music and Spotify under the artist name Queen Carter. Billboard reports that a second album, also running containing ten tracks, was released under the title Back Up, Rewind and was also credited to Queen Carter. Once it was revealed that the Queen Carter alias was Beyoncé, fans rushed to purchase the albums and hear her new music. Check out screenshots of the album and their respective tracklists below.

Both Albums, ‘Have Your Way’ & ‘Back Up, Rewind’ Were Released Unofficially & Consist of Old Songs

As it turns out, both albums were comprised of old material and songs that have yet to get an official release. “After All Is Said and Done,” “Hey Goldmember,” Twerk,” “Black Culture” and “Keep Giving Your Love to Me” were among some of the more notable tracks. By midnight, both Have Your Way and Back Up, Rewind were removed from streaming services.

While it currently unclear who leaked the albums, both are currently floating around the internet in pirated form. Oddly enough, Beyoncé wasn’t the only singer that had to contend with an unofficial leak on Thursday. SZA, the Grammy nominee and member of Top Dawg Entertainment, was faced with a similar situation after an album titled Comethru appeared on Spotify.

Beyoncé’s Music Was Leaked Shortly After Unreleased SZA Music Was Uploaded to Spotify

Credited to Sister Solana, which is SZA’s real name, the album consisted of nine unreleased songs. One of these songs, included a guest verse from SZA’s label mate Kendrick Lamar. SZA took to Snapchat to explain that the album was not an official release and that she’s unsure how the tracks were leaked onto the platform. “These are random scratches from 2015. Def not new new!” she wrote. “But…creative? And Scary?”

Twitter users were quick to react to the Beyoncé leak and the dashed hopes of getting two albums worth of new material. “So I almost passed out until I realized it’s old music,” wrote one frustrated user. “So who is releasing Beyoncé’s old music as Queen Carter on iTunes?? I WANNA FIGHT.”

Others were simply happy to see Beyoncé music on Apple Music and Spotify given the exclusive nature of her last few albums. “Omg, someone is using the name “Queen Carter” & dropping albums w/ Beyoncé’s old songs,” wrote another hopeful user. “It’d be a shame if they released an album called Koolaid and put all of the Lemonade album on Apple Music and Spotify…” Neither Beyoncé nor her camp have responded to the leak.

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