‘Bird Box’ Explanation And 5 Things The Movie Left Out

Bird Box Netflix

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If you haven’t yet seen the Netflix original movie Bird Box, and you have an interest in a psychological thriller with some horror film undertones, then STOP reading this article right now. I’m about to riff on a few subjects from the film, and you can’t read this without spoiling most–if not all–of the money moments in the movies.

Bird Box stars Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich, Lil Rel, Sarah Paulson and a few more actors and actresses from a solid cast. It’s an apocalyptic story with the end of days brought on by the invasion of demonic creatures that force the world’s population to commit immediate suicide the moment they lay eyes on them.

If that sounds like a creepy premise, it’s because it is. Bullock, whose character’s name is Malorie, is the protagonist who is trying to survive with two small children as she keeps herself and the kids blindfolded throughout their dangerous journey up a river to a refuge.

Until the end, you’re not sure where or what this refuge is, but as the film moves between the cinematic presence and the five years that transpire between the creatures’ arrival, you are given with clues that lead you into Malorie and the kids’ current predicament. It’s pretty intense.

The creatures never get a name. We never find out why they’re on Earth, what they’re after or what exactly they do to make people want to kill themselves. However, there’s something to be said for being left in the dark.

If you watched the film already and you’re wondering if you missed a few things, you probably didn’t. Here are the five most prominent things the film doesn’t tell us.

Their Form
Gary, one of the psychotically influenced characters who seem to be sworn to do the creature’s bidding drew some pictures of the monsters, but those weird sketches are all we have to go on. Perhaps not seeing them is scarier than seeing them.

Their Purpose
Why did these creatures seize the planet and begin to force people to kill themselves? During the blistering pace the movie sets from the beginning, we never learn why humans and the Earth are under attack.

Their Methods
Seeing the creatures sends you off the rails, but what’s happening exactly? Some of the victims seem very scared. Others seem deeply saddened. Perhaps the creatures know humans’ innermost thoughts and fears and can tap into them to push people to their worst. Beyond that vague and partially supported concept revealed in one of the earliest scenes in the movie, we don’t know.

Why Some People Become Carriers or Slaves
Some, like Gary, don’t kill themselves upon seeing the creatures. In fact, they become almost entranced followers who attempt to force others to see how “beautiful” the monsters are for themselves. This always leads to more deaths, which I suppose, indirectly helps the visitors accomplish their goals.

What About the Animals
The creatures don’t appear to have the same impact on animals. The birds warn people when the monsters are around by chirping nervously, but they aren’t harmed. That said, what about dogs, cats, alligators, fish, etc? We don’t see any animals in the streets during any of the scenes. That’s peculiar, then again, this entire movie is entertaining but strange.

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