‘Bird Box’ Sequel: Update And Ways To Continue The Story

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The Netflix original film Bird Box has been one of the most discussed movies across social media for the past week. We’ve seen Bird Box challenges with families wondering around blindfolded and other kinds of gifs and memes. With so much popularity it’s logical to at least discuss a follow-up, right?

As of now, there have been no announced plans for a sequel, but it’s still very early. It wouldn’t surprise me if there has been some discussion. Josh Malerman, the Michigan native who penned the Bird Box novel isn’t given any indication that he’s writing a follow-up. Fans can only hope that something comes about.

In the meantime, I’ve taken the liberty of coming up with a few ways for the Bird Box story to continue. Check it out:

A Prequel

The good ole’ prequel approach; it’s always a good way to attack the follow-up to an adventure, sci-fi or psychological thriller. It’s also very useful when the original film purposely leaves out a number of origin details.

The movie doesn’t tell us where the monsters come from, what they’re called, what they truly look like or why they’re on Earth creating all kinds of ruckus.

A prequel could fill in the blanks left by the original movie.

Olympia and Tom Grown Up

They started off as boy and girl, but ultimately both of the outstanding young performers get names. Vivien Lyra Blair (Olympia) and Julian Edwards (Tom) could easily lead the next story.

Perhaps the creatures somehow adapt and find a way to infiltrate the school of the blind and a teenage version of Olympia and Tom are among the only survivors and escapees.

It would be nice if Blair and Edwards would be interested, but truthfully, a follow-up would probably need to happen in the next two years, and neither of them will be old enough to play a teenage role.

In any case, fans already love the characters, so it’s a definite way to get the core audience’s buy-in.

Another Survival Camp

The school of the blind that Malorie, Olympia and Tom found clearly isn’t the only one in the world. Also, there are obviously more blind people in the world. So…there has to be more survivors, right?

Also, there are more of the people who can see the monsters without dying, but also become slaves to their demonic cause. Those components could provide a separate story.

Perhaps at some point, there could be a linkage between this new story and the new one.

Netflix Series

The streaming service has established itself as the source for a number outstanding series. Why couldn’t we see a series based on the Bird Box theme?

It might use three different places as settings holding survivors, with all of the stories being told simultaneously. It could have an appeal that is similar to the Walking Dead.

Obviously, crafting characters that fans care about would be essential, but I think there is something there should Netflix decide to pursue a continuance to the story in a series format.

If you want to learn a little bit more about Bird Box, check out my plot explanation and article that talks about the five things the movie left out.

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