Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch Endings: Complete List & Walkthrough of All Endings & Paths

Netflix's new Black Mirror film, Bandersnatch, is a choose-your-own-adventure style episode with many choices that viewers can make throughout the film. Netflix has told media that theBandersnatch film officially has five main endings, with multiple variants for each ending. However, Heavy discovered that Bandersnatch appears to have at least 10 endings. Read on for more details about the first of those endings, and then click through the gallery to read details about the rest of the endings. Or see our summary of endings at the end and click to the ones you want to read about directly.

Some of the choices that viewers are given are more minor, such as choosing what breakfast cereal the main character Stefan eats or what music he listens to while on the bus. In that way, some of the choices that viewers are faced with really aren't that important to the final outcome, but they're still fun to make and experience. Meanwhile, other choices will have a much bigger impact on the storyline.

In fact, Netflix told Global News that some of the storylines are much harder to find and only a few people will stumble on certain versions and ever see them. So although it appears that it's easy to see all the variants, it actually isn't as easy as you might think.

At the beginning of the film, you're given some easy choices, like which cereal you want for breakfast (which will influence a commercial you see later) and whether you want to listen to the Thompson Twins or Now 2. Your first major choice is whether you will accept or decline a job offer at Tuckersoft. If you accept, then Stefan will publish the game but it won't be very good and it will have a 0 out of 5 rating. Stefan's career is over. But then Stefan wants to go back so bad that you get to start over and make your choice again. It makes you wonder if Stefan is remembering what's happening to him in other timelines after all, even though he supposedly shouldn't be able to do that. So now, decline the offer at Tuckersoft. Stefan still gets the job, but he gets to work from home - yay!

This eventually leads to Stefan's talking to a counselor about how he felt the offer was too good to be true. Then he gets angry because he thinks the counselor is sounding like his dad, and he doesn't want to keep coming to these sessions and feeling like he's being monitored. That's when she brings up that the anniversary of his mother's death is looming for him. Does Stefan want to talk about what happened when his mom died when he was five? At this point, you can choose yes or no about whether you want to discuss what happened to your mom. (Either way you'll eventually end up at the same place.)

If you choose yes, then you'll get to view the whole backstory about what happened to his mother. Essentially, his dad took Rabbit away from him, and Stefan refused to stop looking for Rabbit the next morning when his mom was leaving to visit his grandparents. As a result, he didn't go with her but his delay caused her to have to catch the late 8:45 train. The train derailed at a high rate of speed outside the Queenstown Road station and his mom died. The counselor tells Stefan, "The past is immutable no matter how painful it is... We all have to learn to accept that."

Next, he visits a record store with a strong 80s feel (it was SO nostalgic) and he chooses between Phaedra vs. the Bermuda Triangle. In this run-through the first time, I chose the Bermuda Triangle. While at the story, he also picked up a book called "The Lives of Jerome F. Davies." This is where you see the White Bear symbol for the first time and a drawing of a Bandersnatch (which is the creature Jerome had created in his choose-your-own-adventure book that both Stefan and his mom enjoyed reading so much.)

Several days of programming go by before we get our next big choice. His dad invites Stefan to a pub for tea and Stefan says no. We can choose to throw tea over the computer or shout at dad. The first time through, I chose to throw the tea and it ruined the computer and destroyed all of Stefan's hard work. That was it. That was essentially the ending of the storyline. It was a "soft" ending because I was booted back to my choice rather than to the credits, but it was a storyline ending nevertheless.

Click through the gallery to see details about the other alternate endings. Here's a quick rundown below of what you'll see on the following pages. You can click on any of the endings listed below that have links to go directly to the page that explains them in detail.

1. Stefan accepts the job right away. Bandersnatch is published but only has a 0/5 rating and Stefan's career is pretty much over before it starts. (This same type of ending happens if you get to choose to take drugs the counselor prescribes you.)

2. Stefan throws tea on his computer rather than shouting at his dad. It ruins all his hard work and that's the end. (This same type of ending happens if you destroy the computer successfully at some point.)

3. When Colin asks Stefan who will jump over the wall in the high-rise where Colin lives, Stefan chooses to jump and Stefan dies. Bandersnatch the game is a big flop because it was finished by someone else and is super creepy.

4. Stefan finds files about himself being monitored all his life, and learns that the Symbol is controlling him. He kills and buries his dad. In the end, Tuckersoft is in liquidation and Stefan is in jail for murdering his dad. Bandersnatch was never released.

5. If Stefan finds out that he's being monitored, and kills and chops up his dad, he survives long enough to release Bandersnatch to rave reviews. Stefan's still ultimately caught and Bandersnatch is pulled, but we get to see the scene where Colin's daughter Pearl is rebooting the game. She will likely go down Stefan's path, because the White Bear symbol starts appearing to her too.

6. If Stefan finds his files and you choose to tell him that he's controlled by PACS, then Stefan calls Dr. Raynes, his counselor. If you pick the right number, he threatens her and still kills and buries his dad. He's in jail, but Bandersnatch was released anyway to middling reviews.

7. Here's how to get the crazy Netflix ending where Stefan fights his dad and his counselor.

8. There's one weird meta ending where you're an actor.

9. If Stefan gets to talk to Thakur after killing and burying his dad, he still goes to jail and Tuckersoft still ends up in liquidation because the game wasn't released.

10. If you use the PAX code, the demon kills Stefan.

11. How to get the JFD code.

12. How to kill Colin.

13. If you can choose TOY as a password for his dad's filing cabinet, then you can get to the part where he goes back in time to when he was five, and he can choose to die on the train with his mom.

14. How to get to and decipher the after-credits scene.

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