Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra Divorce Rumors: Did ‘Teen Mom OG’ Couple Separate?

Catelynn & Tyler divorce rumor

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell attend the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra revealed on the show that they were planning to live apart for a month. The conversation, which Baltierra initiated during a couple’s retreat, led to their decision to take a break, even though the couple is expecting another daughter together. The season finale of Teen Mom OG airs tonight on MTV at 9pm ET/8pm CT.

When Tyler first suggested the break, Catelynn told her husband it was “sad and hurtful.” US Weekly reported on her concern that he was cheating on her; during the episode, Catelynn said “I texted him and asked him is there somebody else. He’s like, ‘What the f—k? Do you think I would cheat on you?’ No, but it was so blindsiding. The separation thing is going to be hard but it’ll be good for me so I can focus on me and Nova.” Their daughter Nova is 3 and their first child, who they put up for adoption after Teen Mom aired their first pregnancy journey on the show, is 9. They recently suffered from a miscarriage before Catelynn got pregnant again; Catelynn is currently in her third trimester.

When asked if there was a discussion about seeing other people during the break, Catelynn said on the show “No. We’ve had that discussion. No, we don’t want to see other people or anything like that ’cause we’re not, like, getting a divorce or anything like that.” She went on to say that that conversation helped her feel less triggered and less concerned that he was going to abandon her.

Though the couple chose to have their latest couple’s therapy session off-camera, the December 10 episode aired a scene in which they talk about the first session with their new therapist with Tyler’s mom. Tyler confirms that he still intends to move out for their break, which is only for 30 days. His mom approves of both the therapy and the break, telling Catelynn “I hope to God that the separation does make you feel and look into yourself.” She then asks Catelynn “What do you wanna do? Who is Cat? What does Cate want?” to which Catelynn responds “Well that’s why I’m going to therapy.”

In the description for tonight’s season finale episode of Teen Mom OG, “eye to eye,” MTV says “Catelynn visits Amber and when she returns home, Tyler moves out to start the trial separation. Bristol seeks advice from a PTSD counselor. Cheyenne and Cory hook up while Maci meets up with Jen and Larry to come up with a plan for when Ryan returns.”

Although tonight’s episode will feature the couple’s break, it does not necessarily reflect the current status of their relationship, as the show is filmed months in advance. Yesterday, Catelynn posted a photo to Instagram with Tyler and their daughter, on vacation visiting Teen Mom castmate Amber.

To promote the season finale of the show, Tyler shared a selfie with his wife on Instagram. And while the episodes featuring his break with Catelynn were airing, he shared his writing about the power of women and how “you never know what kind of hard times another woman has to go through just to hold it down.”

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