Eric and Leida of ’90 Day Fiance’ Are Confronted By Eric’s Ex-Wife Tania

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha


On 90 Day Fiance, Eric Rosenbrook’s ex-wife, Tania, confronts his new love, Leida Margaretha. After a very explosive fight with Eric’s daughter, Tasha, Tania wanted to reach out and address her concerns. According to Reality Tea, Tania was very unhappy about Leida’s behavior toward her daughter and was upset about Leida wanting Eric to give up his parental rights.

Leida had been dissatisfied with Eric since arriving in the United States. She immediately wanted his daughter, Tasha, to move out of their apartment to make room for her son and she was not a fan of Tasha’s lack of cleanliness. Leida also wanted Eric to stop paying child support and give up his parental rights. This nearly caused Eric to end the relationship, but nothing seemed to make him walk away. At the time, Eric exclaimed, “I’m a parent, she’s a parent, she should never ask that of me. I would never ask that of her. The fact that you would demand that I would give up my parental rights is fucking wrong. It is wrong. On a moral level, it is inhuman to demand that.”

According to In Touch Weekly, Eric pays his ex-wife $1,000 per month in child support.

90 Day Fiance fans have spoken out against Leida and Eric over their treatment of Eric’s family and have even threatened the couple. According to Soap Dirt, this has caused the couple to quit the show. In an Instagram video, Leida exclaimed, “I didn’t sign up for this. We didn’t know they going to portray us that bad.” She then wrote online, “No we won’t be on the next season. Sharp [the production company that shoots 90 Day Fiance] doesn’t care about the death threats … We will deal with everything on our own.”

Leida also insisted that, “We put our lives in danger! We put our lives on the front line! This is not fair, this is not worth it at all! We are never going to do this [show] again! I’m telling you guys, we are never going to do this again … I swear to God, as soon as the contract is done, we will reveal everything that they never showed on the show!”

In response to the alleged threats against Leida’s young son, The Ashleys Reality Roundup reported that Eric spoke up, lashing out online by writing, “I get why many of you hate on us so much that feel the need to contact us and spew your hate, but for the love of God, leave her son alone! He doesn’t deserve any of this from any of you!”