WATCH: Did Grover Drop an F-Bomb on Sesame Street? [Possibly Explicit Video]

Did Grover drop the F bomb? The Next Laurel vs Yanny? – ElmoDo you hear: “yes, yes, that’s a f**king excellent idea” OR “yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea"? Source –

Because it’s been this kind of year, apparently Grover said the word fuc*ing on Sesame Street. Or did he?

It seems some people hear it. And some people don’t. For the record, this reporter definitely hears it. And I am not alone. Not remotely alone. Who doesn’t hear it is the question, perhaps.

A Redditer posted a clip from Sesame Street wherein the Muppet is supposedly heard saying, “Yes, yes, that’s a f***ing excellent idea!”

Also on Twitter, Thomas Schroder thought on a second listen he did not hear the f-word being exclaimed by a puppet.

This is all a bit of déjà vu, right? Recall the Yanni versus Laurel conundrum.

Yanni or Laurel? Original sound🤔The link to the site this is off All credit to the rightful owner of the audio!2018-05-17T10:24:58Z

Yes, that’s what some think is happening here. Or maybe not.

Studying the issue, one person has come up with this explanation:

“To hear it the other way you have to think of what he is supposed to say. the next time you watch this clip expect him to say ‘that sounds like an excellent idea.’ By expecting what he’s going to say you can change the outcome. By doing this you can alternate between the two.”

And a commenter on Reddit explained it this way: “It’s called the “Rolladeriekya” effect, named after Roderick de Rolladeriekya, a Spanish/Russian scientist who researched this kind of thing. In short, people’s hearing isn’t great, we can hear what we subconsciously want to hear.”

Don’t think on this too hard, some recommend.

Grover himself, with 80,000 followers on Twitter has yet to weigh in. Or fess up.

The best reaction has come from Marlee Matlin.

And Frank Oz, who would know says it’s ridiculous.

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