Ivan Hampden Jr.: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ivan Hampden Jr., a two-time Grammy award winner and collaborator with Beyonce and Luther Vandross, is accused of forcing a woman into sexual servitude. Hampden, who now works as a music teacher in Clayton, North Carolina, close to Charlotte, was arrested on December 5, reports the Charlotte News & Observer. Their report says that Hampden, 60, is facing charges of five counts of sexual servitude and seven felony counts of disseminating obscenity.

Between 1987 and 2003, Hampden was Vandross’ tour and session drummer. In 2004, Hampden won two Grammy Awards for his drumming on Vandross’ album, Dance With My Father, and for his performance on Vandross’ collaboration with Beyonce, “The Closer I Get to You.” Since he stopped touring, Hampden taught production at North Carolina Central University before opening his own percussion school in Clayton.

Hampden was held on a $200,000 bond at Johnson County Jail.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Authorities Says Hampden Promised His Victim a Singing Career in Exchange for Sexual Favors

Ivan Hampden Clayton North Carolina

Clayton Police Department

The News & Observer report says that police are accusing Hampden of promising the victim a career as a singer in return for sexual favors. Hampden was arrested at his home in Johnston County, North Carolina, without incident. Police say that on some occasions, Hampden would tie up the woman in a room in the back of his music school and record various sexual acts. The woman was a student of Hampden’s between 2014 until August 2018.

WTVD reports that the woman came forward after she told a family member about the alleged abuse. The station’s report says that authorities have taken “several computers” from Hampden’s home. The woman has been described as being in her 50s.

2. Hampden Describes Himself as Vandross’ Drummer & Co-Writing Partner for 17 Years

Luther Vandross & Beyonce Knowles – The Closer I Get To YouLuther Vandross & Beyonce Knowles – The Closer I Get To You2008-10-07T13:33:31Z

Hampden writes on his official website that he was Luther Vandross’ “drummer and co-writing partner for 17 years.” Hampden said that he worked with Vandross until the singer’s death in 2005.

Roberta Flack – Feel Like Making LoveFrom the DVD Album "Roberta Flack In Concert", Music & Lyrics By Eugene McDaniels. Image Entertainment.2012-07-22T18:35:08Z

The bio adds a long list of other artists that Hampden has collaborated with including, Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Williams, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Dionne Warwick, Roberta Flack, The Temptations, Dianna Ross and Bonnie Rait. One sentence in the profile reads, “New and accomplished talent alike seems to gravitate toward Hampden.”

3. Hampden Is a Native of Harlem & Has Lived in North Carolina for 20 Years

Luther Vandross introduces Ivan Hampden2014-06-12T18:51:37Z

Hampden is a native of the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. He has lived in Clayton, North Carolina, for 20 years and opened his music school on South Barbour Street in 2014. The News & Observer report says that investigators thing Hampden’s alleged abuse began as soon as he started his school. Hampden said his goal with the school was to “Develop the next generation of music industry professionals and Artists.” Hampden was also a drum and percussion teacher at the Johnston Community College. Hampden says on his website, “I love life, absorb life and want more than anything to share life. I share and communicate most often with music—the guiding force behind most of my life and relationships. I have built a life around music and I am blessed to still be living that life and meeting all the wonderful people along the way. I believe that life is truly what you make it and if you put out positive vibes, you receive positive vibes in return.”

4. Hampden’s First Professional Gig Was as the Drummer for Ashford & Simpson

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In his interview with Modern Drummer, Hampden said that his first professional drumming gig was with Ashford and Simpson. Hampden explained that he was asked to be their drummer in 1984 after their drummer, Yogi Horton, went on to drum for Luther Vandross. In 1987, Horton tragically died and Hampden was asked to take over as Luther Vandross’ drummer.

5. Hampden Has 5 Children With His Wife

A little Stop To Love#12014-05-21T16:37:48Z

Johnston County Magazine ran a feature on Hampden when he opened his school. The feature says that Hampden and his wife, Naomi, have five children together. The article notes that all of the couple’s children play the drums. Three of Hampden’s sons work as music teacher’s at their father’s school. Ivan teaches, percussion, music production and songwriting. Brevan Hampden teaches percussion, jazz theory and arrangement. While Iajhi Hampden teaches drum set, songwriting and production and arrangement.

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