Jacquees Gets Mocked for Calling Himself ‘King of R&B’

Getty Jacquees

Georgia singer Jacquees has never been shy about talking up his talents, and he made his boldest claim yet when he posted a video proclaiming himself to be the best R&B performer currently going.”I just wanna let everybody know that I’m the king of R&B right now,” he said.

“For this generation, I understand who done came and who done did that and that and that, but now it’s my time. Jacquees the king of R&B.”

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Given Jacquees’ relative lack of stardom, and the fact that he has not yet notched a hit song of his own, many were quick to give him grief over such a bold statement. This wasn’t limited to R&B fans either, as fellow singers, and those who could realistically make a better case for being the “King of R&B”, decided to step up and roast Jacquees for his claims.

Both Trey Songz and Ty Dolla $ign responded to singer’s post on Twitter with a laughing emoji, indicating that neither hit-maker was particularly threatened by what he had to say.

Artists Like Trey Songz & Ty Dolla Sign Roasted Jacquees on Social Media

Other artists had lengthier responses. Chicago crooner J. Holiday took to Instagram to post a video message explaining why Jacquees is off the mark. “That bullsh*t that man said,” Holiday explained.

“There’s three kings of R&B… the first one sold 20 million on the first album… The second king of R&B, is from Chicago.” Holiday is presumably referring to R. Kelly, who has been referred to by many as the “King of R&B” throughout his career.


Tyrese Gibson hopped on Instagram to assure Jacquees that he has not done as much for the genre as some of his peers. “Ima keep it stack with you,” he wrote in the caption. “The young kings of this generation that’s been running sh*t since day one are Chris Brown and Trey Songz.” Tyrese also clowned Jacquees for employing what he called “trolling tactics” to get attention. “This ain’t Hip Hop my n**ga,” he added. “You can’t come in this game get hot for a year then try an [Tekashi 6ix9ine] and throw that there word KING around.”


Tank also had plenty to say on the matter. “First R. Kelly is the King of R&B,” he wrote. The accusations don’t disqualify what he’s accomplished! Second if you can’t go in the studio BY YOURSELF and make a hit record you’re not my king! If you can’t sing it better live than you’re not my king! I appreciate all the talent out there but we are using the word ‘King’ way too loosely.”

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