Justin Bieber’s Phone Number Leaked After Twitter Hack

Getty Justin Bieber

Fans of pop superstar Justin Bieber were taken aback on Monday when he appeared to tweet out his phone number. “Hit me at +505 5853 1341,” he wrote. “I’m on WhatsApp too.” The tweet was taken down less than ten minutes after it was posted, but that didn’t stop millions of fans from dialing the number and trying to contact Bieber directly.

Many believe that the phone number leak was due to Bieber’s Twitter account being hacked. It’s unclear whether the number sent out was genuine, however, or whether the unidentified hacker was merely trolling fans. Bieber has not tweeted since the hack.

Justin Bieber’s Phone Number Was Allegedly Leaked By a Twitter Hacker

This is not the first time that the singer has had to deal with his phone number being leaked. Last week, on December 22, a similarly confusing tweet was sent out with a message and a corresponding number. “Long time. On vacation,” he wrote. “Hit me at +505 7754 8172.” That tweet was also deleted shortly after it was posted. Check out a screenshot of the original tweet above.

The confusion over the hack led many Twitter users to share their reactions. “Justin Bieber tweeted a phone number and yeah of course I called it… multiple times,” wrote one eager fan. “Well turns out it was an international call and we were just charged extra for it. He didn’t even answer.” “I really played myself earlier thinking #justinbieber actually posted his number on twitter,” tweeted out another user. “I cried when I called & It didn’t work.” Check out additional reactions below.

Many Fans Attempted to Call the Phone Number After It was Posted Online

“Justin Bieber is completely crazy for exposing his phone number to the world,” wrote one baffled user. “What the f*ck is wrong with him? Is he out of his mind or something? Probably he’s got hacked again but hey, at least i save his number and i even try to contact him on a WhatsApp and it works.”

Others were less concerned with learning Bieber’s phone number than they were getting new music from the recently wed singer. “Everybody asking if @justinbieber answered the phone call and I’m over here thinking ‘tf! New music!? Like that time when he made us call “him” to a phone number and it was actually a line where they played his new song!!!?,” wrote one bummed user. “My belieber self just got sad af. Good old times.”