Kanye West Implies That Drake Bought Tickets to Pusha T Concert to Carry Out Attack

Last month, Pusha T took his talents to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in order to perform his latest and critically acclaimed LP entitled, Daytona. With Toronto being the hometown of Pusha’s adversary in Drake, a brawl broke out in the venue after several attendees began to throw various items and containers full of liquid towards the stage. Pusha T evacuated to the left side of the stage while security escorted the brawlers out of the concert. Unfortunately, one person was stabbed and suffered life-threatening injuries during the scuffle.

Now, after laying low following his denouncement of President Trump and his cabinet, Kanye West has resurfaced on social media and is now accusing Drake of purchasing the first two rows of Pusha T’s recent concert in Toronto in order to carry out a calculated attack against the “Infrared” rapper.

Kanye West: The Return of his Twitter Fingers

This afternoon, Kanye West sent off a series of fiery Tweets in the direction of Drake but, there were a couple that stood out that has raised the eyebrows of the entire hip-hop community. The Kids See Ghost creator posted a screenshot of an affiliate asking Kanye if he would allow Drake to clear a sample for an upcoming song. However, in the midst of Ye’s rant, he drops a bomb claiming that the brawl that took place at Pusha’s Toronto concert was intentional and planned by none other than Drake. Kanye writes,

Kanye then followed up the Tweet with the following,

In an attempt to keep the peace between Drake’s OVO camp and Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music recording label affiliates, he publicly stated that he hopes their on-going feud doesn’t get violent. Kanye continued to Tweet,

Fortunately, Drake and Kanye are on talking terms but Kanye’s true petty nature at that moment shined through when he revealed that he still hadn’t cleared the sample Drake is inquiring to use for an upcoming musical endeavor.

Hopefully, these two can eventually put their differences aside and finally squash their extremely awkward beef. Until then, keep the messy Tweets coming Kanye.

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