Did ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Leida Margaretha Admit to Using Eric Rosenbrook?

Leida and Eric 90 Day Fiance


Leida Margaretha moved herself and her young son, Allessandro, to America, from Indonesia, in order to be with fiance Eric Rosenbrook, as is shown on 90 Day Fiance. Leida came from a well-to-do family and she made it clear that she intended to pursue a career in medicine while in the United States. Several times on the show, she has talked about taking advantage of the opportunities in America. And, she has been very vocal about her high expectations when it comes to living with Eric.

Unlike Leida’s family, Eric does not have a lot of money and he has two children to take help take care of. When Leida arrives in the country with her son, her family comes to look over their living arrangement and they are not pleased. Leida makes it clear that she does not want Eric’s daughters around, especially his oldest daughter, Tasha, who she kicks out of their apartment to make more room. Leida is not happy about the small apartment they are living in and she wants Eric to give up his parental rights so that he doesn’t have to pay child support to his ex-wife. Eric puts up a fight about this, but sides with Leida over his family, causing a major strain in his relationships with his daughters.

Meanwhile, Leida is still coming to grips with the fact that Eric doesn’t make a lot of money. When furniture shopping together, Eric cannot afford a couch that Leida wants, so she storms out of the store. She then talks about how she thought she would have so much opportunity in America, but this is not what she imagined. Eric questions her, asking if she loves him. Is Leida just using Eric to build a better future for herself and her son in America?

Recently, Soap Dirt revealed that there have been several messages, allegedly from Leida, leaked online and they reportedly prove that Leida is just using Eric. One of the DM’s reads, “Honesty I don’t care what happens to Eric or Tasha or whoever else once I’m done with them. I’ll have my medical career and my son will have his opportunities and American future here in this country. Anyone standing in my way will get stepped on.”

Another message states, “All the stupid Americans that don’t like me can eat s*** and die. I’m done with the stupid show and I’m done with the stupid producers and how they make me look and I’m done with all the stupid Americans that watch the show. They can all eat s*** and die! I’m seriously done! F*** this.”

In addition to these alleged DM’s being leaked, fans have accused Leida of creating fake profiles and online accounts to help her image, according to Soap Dirt.

Reality TV World recently reported that Leida and Eric plan on quitting 90 Day Fiance, over alleged death threats against them, as well as Leida’s son. They are reportedly still in the same apartment they had been filmed in together and Eric appears to still have a relationship with his youngest daughter. In addition, Reality TV World has reported that Leida and Eric may have gotten married overseas.