Lifetime’s ‘A Christmas Kiss’: Cast, Where Filmed, & Discussion

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Tonight, Lifetime is premiering an original Christmas movie called A Christmas Kiss tonight. Read on to learn about the cast in the movie and where it was filmed. After you’ve seen the movie, let us and other viewers know what you thought about it in the comments below. Click through the gallery for more stories about the cast and movie.

The movie premieres tonight, Friday, December 21, at 8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific (7 p.m. Central) as part of the It’s a Wonderful Lifetime series of Christmas movies.

The movie was filmed on location in Richmond, Virginia, not Boston where the movie's story takes place. The ballet dancers were provided by the Richmond Ballet, and Hundley Carriages provided the horse and carriage. The carriage ride part of the movie was filmed in Worcester, Massachusetts. Hundley Carriages is still around and you can book them for a ride around town, just like the movie. According to IMDB, the theater where they have the Nutcracker Play is the Carpenter Theatre in Richmond.

The synopsis reads: "High-end interior designer Priscilla and her assistant Wendy, vie for the attention of Priscilla's socialite boyfriend while decorating his home for the holidays. Produced by MarVista Entertainment, A Christmas Kiss stars Elisabeth Röhm, Laura Breckenridge and Brendan Fehr." Also starring in the movie are Jerrika Hinton (Tressa), Laura Spencer (Caroline), Mark Joy (Charlie), Mark DeAngelis (Coachman), and numerous carolers including Chloe Elizabeth Lewis.

If you're confused about the movie's premiere because you think you've seen it before, you're not imagining things. ION has aired A Christmas Kiss before (it was first made in 2011), and is airing it again on Sunday, December 23 at 7 p.m. Eastern. The movie premiered on the ION television network in 2011. ION's description for the movie read: "Priscilla Hall is a tough woman to work for, but her long suffering assistant Wendy is convinced that someday all the hard work will pay off. Unfortunately, Wendy’s dreams of impressing her boss get complicated when she realizes that the mysterious man she kissed in a falling elevator is Priscilla's boyfriend."

You can also watch A Christmas Kiss any time on Netflix here. A Christmas Kiss is one of the movies that Lifetime has acquired for 2018, according to Lifetime's press release. Lifetime's brand new original Christmas movies finished airing on December 16. But that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy these new movies. If you haven't seen A Christmas Kiss before, then the movie will be a delightful experience.

In fact, ION is airing the sequel to this movie, A Christmas Kiss II, on Sunday, December 23 at 9 p.m. Eastern. The sequel was made in 2014. So if you're seeing A Christmas Kiss for the first time, you can just continue and watch the sequel in two days on ION. The synopsis for A Christmas Kiss II reads: "At a Christmastime event, Jenna shares an impromptu, unforgettable kiss with the dashing billionaire, Cooper Montgomery. Unaware of his intentions and fearful of getting hurt in another relationship, Jenna vows to resist his charms, but begins to realize his affection is real as the two spend more time together."

Lifetime has more Christmas movies coming soon. They include A Golden Christmas on December 22 and 3 Holiday Tails on December 23.

A longer synopsis for the movie reads as follows (with minor spoilers): "Wendy Walton is the best designer in Boston... but no one knows it yet. Hoping to kick-start her career, Wendy has left work with the local theatre to take a job as an assistant to Priscilla Hall, the most prestigious designer in the city. Ms. Hall works Wendy around the clock, which is how Wendy finds herself trapped in an elevator late one night with an incredibly handsome stranger. Wendy and the mystery man share an impulsive, romantic, life-changing kiss before the doors open and Wendy runs out, leaving him behind. The next day at work, Wendy answers the door to find the handsome gentleman standing in front of her. Turns out he's Adam Hughes, a wealthy philanthropist - and Ms. Hall's long distance boyfriend. He doesn't recognize Wendy, which makes things all the more awkward for her when Ms. Hall assigns her to decorate his house for a big party at Christmas. As the holidays approach and Wendy and Adam spend more and more time together, Wendy realizes she's falling in love."

What did you think of the movie? Let us and other viewers know in the comments below. Then click through the gallery to learn more about the movie's cast.

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