Miss Universe 2018 Winner Predictions & Favorites

Miss Universe 2018 Predictions & Favorites

There are 94 contestants heading into the 2018 Miss Universe Pageant, but only one of them will walk away a winner. Ahead of the pageant and the results, fans may be eager to hear about some of the favorites or predictions. We've put together a short gallery on some of our top picks, as well as reported front-runners in this year's competition, starting with the above three women.

Miss Philippines Catriona Gray

Miss Philippines Catriona Gray has been in the media for people raving over her pageant walk and one of those people is America's Next Top Model creator and supermodel Tyra Banks, according to Rappler. After Gray saw that Banks had made flattering comments about her walk on Twitter, Gray told TV 5, "When I saw the comments on the phone I was just like 'totoo ba ito? Si Tyra Banks ba ito? (Is this real? Is this really Tyra?) And then I checked the link she was commenting on and it was my video and I was like oh my god!!"

She continued, "It's like wow, wow! Even after preliminary, to see that much impact, I even saw myself like at a Thai TV station and Miss India came up to me and said she was like one of the Indian newspapers has even published about your walk and I was just like this is insane!" Gray also said she aims to do her best in the pageant and hopes the judges "get a sense of" who she is as a person.

Miss Vietnam H'Hen Nie

Miss Vietnam H'Hen Nie was recently involved in a scandal behind-the-scenes, but she was not one of the alleged culprits. According to The Mercury News, a video on Instagram showed Miss USA seemingly mocking non-English-speaking contestants, including Miss Vietnam. Miss USA later apologized and said she didn't realize that she was coming off in a way that was offensive at all. According to The Daily Mail, Miss Vietnam was very forgiving of Miss USA and planted a kiss on her fellow contestant's cheek.

Miss Spain Angela Ponce

Miss Spain Angela Ponce is the first openly transgender woman to be a contestant in the 2018 Miss Universe Pageant. According to the NY Post, Ponce proclaimed, "I always say: Having a vagina didn’t transform me into a woman. I am a woman, already before birth, because my identity is here." According to Telegraph, Ponce hopes to send a strong message to President Donald Trump, as he is the former owner of Miss Universe. Ponce makes it a point to promote transgender rights, as well as raise awareness about inclusivity, tolerance and diversity.

In an interview with Today, Ponce said she's wanted to compete in pageants since she was a young child. She just didn't know if it would ever be possible. Ponce said, "I never imagined (I would make it to Miss Universe) because I lived in a society where everyone said I couldn’t do that. And I didn’t have the information to realize that my dream to be a woman could ever actually be realized.”

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