Ryan Seacrest’s Dog Georgia: Meet the Pup in Pics

Ryan Seacrest

Instagram Ryan Seacrest's dog Georgia is his pride and joy, and Seacrest often shares pictures of his furbaby and their adventures on social media. Check out a few pics here.

Ryan Seacrest, one of several hosts of this year’s New Years Eve broadcast and known for his many years hosting the competition show American Idol, often shares pictures of his “little girl,” on social media, although she isn’t exactly the daughter you’d expect.

Seacrest’s little girl happens to be a 4-year-old Black Labrador named Georgia, whom he often gushes about on his show Live with Kelly and Ripa with Kelly Ripa. The two even decided to introduce their dogs live on air in 2017 to celebrate their one-week anniversary of working together on the show.

In 2017, when Georgia was only 3-years-old, Ripa and Seacrest decided to introduce viewers to “America’s new super couple,” as Ripa lovingly referred to them as, and brought their pups out on stage for a meet and greet with the audience and each other.

Georgia and Ripa’s “old lady” Chewie, who was 13-years-old at the time, ran around stage together, eliciting many “awws” from the dog lovers in the audience. Check out the paws-itively adorable video above when the two introduce their dogs for the very first time.

Seacrest often refers to himself as Georgia’s dad, and shares pictures of his precious pup on his social media pages. Although Seacrest has a $410 million dollar fortune, he still takes the time to walk his own dog, despite how busy the broadcast host must be with his many television ventures. The 43-year-old dotes on Georgia as well as his girlfriend Shayna Terese Taylor’s pooch Panda (aka Panders).

Taylor and Seacrest both upload pictures of their “children” to Instagram, showing the two spending lazy afternoons “BBQ-ing with the kids,” taking the dogs for walks, and cuddling together.

According to Entertainment News, Seacrest welcomed his beautiful baby, who’s named for his home state, to his family in 2014. He joined Ellen DeGeneres on a segment of her show to announce his big news, telling DeGeneres that he was ready to finally have his own furbaby to raise.

“I had dogs in relationships, and then they end and the dogs would go,” he told DeGeneres. “This is my first dog. My very own dog.”

At the time, he promised DeGeneres he would bring Georgia to work with him so she wouldn’t be stuck at home with strangers while he juggled his busy schedule. He has since kept that promise, and has made millions of viewers very happy every time he’s debuted her on his program.

She asked him, “No, you’re never home. Whose gonna raise that dog?” and Seacrest answered: “I’m gonna bring that dog to work. Georgia is gonna come to work with me sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes.” You can view the full interview with DeGeneres below:

Check out a few more fun, festive pictures and videos of all of Seacrest’s furbabies, but especially of his beloved Georgia, below:

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Georgia and I watching the #WorldSeries

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