‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Premiere Date: When Does the New Season Start?

Colton Underwood The Bachelor

ABC/Paul Hebert

The new season of The Bachelor premieres on January 7, 2019, at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. CT, on the ABC network. Colton Underwood is the new bachelor and host Chris Harrison has said that the new season is surprisingly “gut-wrenching”. According to E! News, when talking about Underwood, Harrison said, “Once you get to see him and know him, everyone is going to fall in love with him and really respect that he is so open, so vulnerable, so emotional … It’s a pretty gut-wrenching, wild ride with him … Is it the most dramatic? I don’t even really need to pump this season up that much because of what you’re about to see. I’m excited for everyone to get to see him for who he really is—the man … Colton opens up and I think people are going to be blown away.”

Blake Horstmann, who many remember as another contestant from Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, is a friend of Underwood’s. Recently, Horstmann dished to Entertainment Tonight that Underwood is tired of people talking about his virginity, so surely the topic comes up on the new season of The Bachelor. Horstmann said, “I don’t know if insensitive is the right word because he’s very open about it. He has no problem talking about it, which I respect a lot. But I mean, even he’s getting sick of it … It’s all it is, it seems like.”

Horstmann also weighed in on the upcoming Bachelor season and on Underwood today, saying, “He’s doing good. He’s happy. There’s some drama [on the upcoming season], from what I’ve heard. He’s been very hush-hush, even with me, so I’m kind of mad at him about that. But it’s going to be a fun season.” Before Underwood was picked as the star of The Bachelor, contestants Blake Horstmann and Jason Tartick were popular with the polls, according to TV Guide, but host Chris Harrison said that producers chose Underwood because he would “make better TV”.

Prior to jumping into the Bachelor waters, Underwood spoke about his virginity and his Bachelor journey, telling People, “I’m going to live my life and do what I’ve always done. [Being a virgin] needs to be normalized; it’s just who I am and what I believe in. I hold a lot of value in it and I hold it to a high standard. I’m just waiting for the right heart … This is the perfect time in my life to do this. I’m so unbelievably happy with myself and now I can focus on finding my wife. I’m so excited to find that. My heart is 100 percent healed and I’m going to give this my all. And hopefully, I’ll come out of it engaged!”

This season of The Bachelor is so full of drama that Underwood threatens to quit at one point, as seen in a promo trailer for the show. There is also at least one contestant who opts to leave the show, ending her journey to find love with Underwood.

According to People, Underwood does end up with a winner this season, so he is engaged.