‘Vice’ Movie: Who Is the Narrator? [SPOILERS]

Getty Dick Cheney looks behind James Baker during an arrival service for the late George H.W. Bush.

From the beginning of the movie Vice, we hear a narrator’s voice telling the story as it progresses. But just who portrays the narrator and what is the narrator’s identity in the storyline itself? Read on for all the details. This post contains major spoilers for the Dick Cheney movie. 

Throughout the movie, a narrator speaks directly to the audience and helps the viewer understand exactly what’s happening and what part of Cheney’s life we’re seeing. So Adam McKay uses a narrator device in a similar way that he used Ryan Gosling as a narrator in The Big Short. But who is the narrator this time?

The narrator is played by Jesse Plemons. Plemons is listed on IMDB as playing “Kurt” in Vice. You may previously know Plemons from Drunk History, Game Night, No Activity, Black Mirror (the USS Callister episode), Fargo (Ed Blumquist), Breaking Bad (Todd), Bent, Friday Night Lights (Landry), and many other roles.

Read on for a major spoiler revealing who the narrator is in the movie. This is your last spoiler warning. 

At the end of the movie, we learn that the narrator is the voice of Cheney’s heart donor.

And yes, Cheney really did have a heart donor in real life. His heart transplant was in 2012, The Week reported, when he was 71. He had a long history of heart trouble prior to the transplant and had five total heart attacks. His first heart attack was when he was 37. In 2012, two years before his transplant, he had a battery-powered heart pump installed to help him live until his transplant. People who receive transplants at his age have a 70 percent chance of living five years or more, The Week shared. At the time, experts shared that he might have gotten preferential treatment — not because of his political background, but because of his high-quality health insurance and ability to pay for the transplant. But he didn’t cut in line, as some were concerned. He had to wait 20 months to find a donor, which was actually longer than most patients have to wait.

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