Where Was Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch Filmed? [PHOTOS]


A special movie-length film for Black Mirror, called Bandersnatch, has been released. After many rumors and deleted tweets, fans finally have their long-awaited latest installment in the acclaimed Netflix series. But where was it filmed? Read on for more details.

Bandersnatch was filmed in London, including Croydon, in April 2018.

Twitter was full of excited references and photos about the Black Mirror filming in April. One alert resident noted that the episode being filmed was called Bandersnatch:

The episode takes place in the 1980s and featured vintage stores like WH Smith and Chelsea Girl.

Croydon is a large town in South London, England, about nine miles south of Charing Cross. It has a population of 379,031 as of a 2015 census. St. George’s Walk is a covered shopping parade in Croydon with many stores.

Much of St. George’s Walk in Croydon was transformed into the 1980s for filming, including a Woolworths, a BhS, Dixons, Turtle’s, and even a Blockbuster Video.

Here’s a notification about the filming.

here’s a behind the scenes look at the 1980s recreation:

1980s Shops RECREATED in Croydon, UK for Netflix Show | WIMPY | CHELSEA GIRL | FADS | PIZZA HUTResidents in Croydon have been watching on in stunned bemusement as filming for the latest series of Black Mirror has hauled the South London town back to the 1980s. Filming is already underway on the fifth season of Charlie Brooker's Emmy-winning drama – episodes of which are more often set in an alternative present or…2018-04-27T15:45:26.000Z

Redditor u/never_ending_circles shared a series of photos they took of the set up for the episode in Croydon. These included a photo of Tuckersoft Games in addition to real games and songs from the 1980s. Here are some of u/never_ending_circles’ photos:

NeverEndingCircles on Reddit

NeverEndingCircles on Reddit


Here’s another look at Tuckersoft games:

Here are some more behind-the-scenes photos. These were shared on Reddit by u/mrjeeveswilliams and the rest of the photos can be seen on Imgur here.

A big focus of the episode will be a bus:

Black Mirror Bandersnatch


Here’s another look at the same bus:



Everything was decked out to look like the 80s.

You might also notice an Easter egg on the bus. Its destination is “Skillane,” which is the name of a character from White Bear.

In this photo, you can see Bing Cabs in the background.

And an old timey pizza hut. The signs even have retro-looking phone numbers.

In answer to questions on Twitter, @CosmicScale said the set wasn’t closed and anyone could walk around as long as they weren’t filming.

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