Chelsea DeBoer’s Ex Adam Lind: Does He Have a Wife?

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Teen Mom 2 returns tonight on MTV. Among the returning cast members are Chelsea DeBoer, who recently gave birth to her first daughter with husband Cole DeBoer. Given Chelsea’s relationship with the father of her first child, Adam Lind, however, some may be wondering whether Lind is currently married or dating anyone.

According to Marrie Divorce, Lind is single. His last significant relationship was with a woman named Stasia Huber in 2016. The dating site reports that the couple were not only dating, but were engaged for a brief time before a scandal involving nude photos of Lind broke them up. Radar Online reports that one of Lind’s ex-girlfriends, Jessica Nicole, snapped a photo of the couple fooling around in the bedroom on Instagram, which caught the attention of Huber and led to her calling the engagement off.

Adam Lind Is Currently Single & Hasn’t Been In a Serious Relationship Since 2016

“Obviously [Stasia] was upset to see her boyfriend like that with his ex,” an insider tells Radar. “They already had problems, but the photo added fuel to the fire. Stasia was doing her best for Adam and his daughters, but she knows she has to focus on herself right now.” The insider added that Adam was becoming increasingly “controlling” and “possessive” of Huber prior to their split.

Huber filed a restraining order against Lind on November 7 which said that he couldn’t be within 500 feet of her. She went on to tell OK! Magazine that Lind physically abused her during their time together. “While under the influence of drugs, alcohol and steroids, he fractured my forearm,” she revealed. “[He also] locked me in the house saying I couldn’t leave, smashed my phone and once he realized what he had done, he broke down crying and took me to the ER… We broke up for a while after that.”

Lind’s Most Recent Ex Stasia Huber Filed a Restraining Order Against Him In 2017

Huber shared additional incidents of violence. “He ripped the bedroom door off of its hinges and threw it across the room and then put a hole in the bedroom wall,” she said. “He threw a beer bottle and it smashed on the wall next to me and cut my leg and foot and hand. Another time, out with friends drinking, I was driving us home and Adam began punching his windshield and laughed hysterically.”

She also revealed that Lind would accuse Huber of cheating on him when he was seeing other women on the side. “He threatened to drive himself drunk to a guy’s house to ‘talk’ so I would drive him over an hour away, just to have this guy pointing a rifle at us,” she said. “I had a married women who I thought I was in the way of her being with Adam, threaten my life with an AK-47. I was constantly being stalked or harassed by other women he was cheating on me with.”

Huber also said that Lind threatened to hurt her after their engagement was called off. “On September 17, 2017, after the texts and calls wouldn’t stop, I blocked him on everything and have not talked to him since.” she said. “It was after he sent me some depressing texts and we started to argue he threatened to hit me with his car if he ever saw me by his place.”


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