Alex Moffitt’s Boyfriend: Who Is the ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ Host Dating?

Alex Moffitt

Getty Alex Moffitt at MTV's "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" Premiere Party.

Alex Moffitt is the newest VIP host to join the cast of MTV’s Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. When Lohan hired him, she said it was to add pressure and make the other hosts step up their game; however, Alex’s entrance also introduced tension for Mike, a host with whom he shares history.

According to Instagram, Moffitt has been dating Johnny Schell Jr. for 3 years. In an Instagram post on January 17, their anniversary, Schell wrote “You are my best friend, my ride or die, my baby’s (Nike) daddy, and the man I wake up to everyday looking forward to spending another day with…. I can’t wait to see what this life has in store for us and all the adventures ahead. Through the ups and downs we’ve had, the good and the bad, we always manage to come out on top. And I love you more and more every day. So here’s to you, and to us! Happy 3 year Anniversary bubs.”

MTV’s bio for Moffitt reads “Alex is a levelheaded sweetheart from a traditional Greek family with strong roots in the old country. Alex is using his Greekness to win over Panos, and it’s working. Panos has taken a strong liking to him and wants to help him reconnect with his culture. Alex felt uncomfortable with his sexuality growing up and had a very hard time coming out to his family and an even harder time getting them to accept him being gay. Deeply committed to his boyfriend back in West Hollywood, CA, Alex has no plans to hookup while on Mykonos, but will his romantic history with someone in the house blur the lines between romance and work?” This confirms that Moffitt and Schell were together at the time of filming for Lindsay Lohan’s Beach House, but it is possible that what goes down between Alex and Mike is one of the “ups and downs” Schell referenced in his Instagram caption.

According to Instagram, Schell is a lifestyle and travel blogger. The couple, who are based out of Los Angeles, also have an “official couple account,” @jolex_official. One of the photos they shared on that account is of Johnny and Alex posing with Lindsay Lohan at the show’s premiere.

In September 2018, Schell shared a video of him and Moffitt kissing at the airport, likely when Moffitt returned home after filming Lohan’s reality show in Greece. He wrote in the caption “It’s been 6 weeks and the longest we’ve ever been apart. I’m so happy he’s home.” In another post, he revealed that tears were shed during their reunion.

On tonight’s episode of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, the description says that “sexually frustrated Mike and Alex give in to temptation and are forced to decide if there is more to their chemistry.” Last week, when Alex was introduced to the team, it was revealed that he and Mike had worked together in the past and hooked up at their office Christmas party. In spite of Alex’s relationship and Mike’s developing romance with Jules, it appears that their chemistry will be tested in the newest episode of the MTV reality show.

Tune in to Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club on MTV, Tuesday nights at 8/7c.

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