‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Exit: Is Chelsea Peretti’s Gina Really Leaving the Nine-Nine?

Chelsea Peretti

Vivian Zink/NBC Chelsea Peretti's character Gina Linetti decided she's leaving "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

There was a big bomb dropped on tonight’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine (but don’t worry, Jake—Nakatomi Plaza is safe…for now). While at her and Jake’s 20th high school reunion, Gina (Chelsea Peretti) made a life-changing decision: she’s leaving the Nine-Nine for good.

While her character’s absence will leave a serious hole in the group’s ensemble, Peretti’s exit wasn’t a secret. The actress announced on Twitter last October that she wouldn’t be sticking with the squad for the entire season.

In the episode entitled “The Tattler,” Gina tried scamming almost everyone in attendance of her high school reunion by telling them that she basically created smartphone apps. (Her new app “Toddler,” which is like Tinder but for toddlers, is actually spelled “Todddddler”—five D’s, bruh!)

Gina soon found out that not only is lying to everyone super fun, but someone wanted to buy a company she made up on the spot. Her elevator pitch: “Most 2-year-olds are boring, lame duds! Well with Todddddler’s proprietary algorithm, you will be matched with top tots, and those boring duds, they’ll stay where they belong—the hell away from you and your family!

While Gina wondered how to actually close the deal, it turned out she wasn’t the only one lying at their high school reunion. Quentin, the former classmate who claimed to work in Silicon Valley, well, didn’t. (Gina got Gina’d!)

In a heart to heart conversation (well, as “heart to heart” as Gina can get), Gina admitted that it was fun to imagine running her own company, but with a baby and her work at the Nine-Nine, it was an impossible pipe dream. But that’s when Jake served her some truth.

“Gina, I think your talents might be wasted at the Nine-Nine,” he said. “I love you, but it might be time for you to move on.”

In an entirely “Gina” moment, she refused to acknowledge Jake’s tender compliment and instead repeated exactly what he said while claiming the idea as entirely her own. Peretti completely nailed the scene taking Gina’s inflated sense of self and endearingly brash mannerisms to the next level. I know I’ll certainly miss Peretti ’round these parts, but the Nine-Nine will carry on!

How will her fellow squad react to the news? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Executive Producer and Co-Creator Dan Goor shared the following in a press release:

When Mike Schur and I first met Chelsea, during her interview to be a writer on Parks and Rec, we immediately agreed we had to create a character for her on television. Getting to write for her as Gina Linetti for over 100 episodes was a great privilege. When we were figuring out her departure, Chelsea had only one request: that we make sure it was funny, first and foremost. That is what we tried to do. Gina was, is and always will be a key member of the 99.

Don’t fear fellow Nine-Niners: Goor also said we can expect to see Gina back in the precinct in future episodes.

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