Did Bryant Lowry Cheat on Alisa Fuller on ‘Music City?’ What Caused Their Breakup?

Bryant Lowry and Alisa Fuller

Getty Bryant Lowry and Alisa Fuller attend CMT's "Music City" premiere party.

CMT’s Music City returns tonight for season 2, airing its season premiere hour-long episode at 10/9 C. One of the plot points covered in the new episode in the country-music docu-series involves Alisa Fuller’s concern that Bryant Lowry, with whom she connected at the end of last season, cheated on her.

The episode description for tonight’s season 2 premiere episode, titled “New Chances, New Choices/Playing With Fire,” reads “Jessica’s engaged! Kerry makes a decision behind Rachyl’s back, compelling her to reconnect with an old flame. Jackson has fallen for a new girl but will she be a distraction to his cousin winning Miss USA? Alisa suspects that Bryant cheated.”

In a “super tease” of the season 2 stories that CMT shared yesterday, ahead of the premiere, Alisa is seen confronting a new girl, saying “You and Bryant deserve each other.” In response, the woman tells Alisa “No one wants you here. No one cares about you.” Later in the clip, after Alisa is seen performing with Luke Pell (who you might recognize from The Bachelor franchise), Bryant tells her “To see you perform with Luke, it was honestly a little heartbreaking. I still have feelings for you.”

MUSIC CITY on CMT | Season 2 SuperteaseEnjoy a sneak peek of Music City Season 2. Tune in to the Season 2 Premiere Thursday, January 3 at 10/9c on CMT. SUBSCRIBE to CMT: at.cmt.com/uXvwn Watch more videos from CMT now: bit.ly/2gJ0kWw MORE MUSIC CITY Season 2 Sneak Peek bit.ly/2Eue6Gy MUSIC CITY on CMT follows five friends as they enter the next chapter…2019-01-02T20:31:56.000Z

The description for next week’s new episode, “Pitty Party,” saying “Kerry returns home from being on the road with his new publicist to find that Rachyl has been spending time with another man. Alexandra gets revenge on Jackson for blowing her off and Alisa confronts Bryant’s new love interest.” This suggests that tonight’s premiere will answer the question of whether or not Lowry was cheating; even if he didn’t cheat, the description points strongly to the fact that he and Alisa are not together, and that the new girl Alisa confronts is now linked to Bryant.

Fuller addressed her fling with Lowry, telling Hollywood Life “The end of season one, I kissed Bryant on New Year’s Eve, and he and I dated for a little bit after that,” she revealed. “Then, he had a photographer girl that was kind of a little bit too close for comfort. This season, obviously he and I don’t work out, and you get to see how we end. But it’s more drama for he and I after the relationship because I was finding things out that I didn’t know while he and I were together. I yell at him a lot and I yell at the photographer.”

The last time Lowry featured Fuller on his Instagram was back in March 2018, to promote their songwriting storyline on the latest episode of last season’s Music City. Days earlier, he shared two photos with Fuller at the 2018 iHeart Music Awards. Similarly, Fuller’s last photo with Lowry is a group cast photo from early March 2018, even though she has posted many photos with other castmates since then. Unless they are keeping their relationship under wraps for the sake of preventing major show spoilers, it does not seem like the two are together in the present day.

If you aren’t caught up on the show, CMT shared a video recapping “the story so far” to Youtube. In it, they show that though Alisa and Bryant’s relationship as a songwriting duo was initially professional, his New Year’s resolution was to kiss her (which he did). You can also get more context about their relationship through another short video CMT shared to YouTube during season 1, titled “Is Alisa Crushing on Bryant?” The short video is a series of clips of Alisa’s interactions with Bryant, which serve as “hints” of her feelings toward him.

MUSIC CITY on CMT I Is Alisa Crushing on Bryant?Could it be love? We think so. Catch new episodes of Music City Thursdays on CMT at 10/9c SUBSCRIBE to CMT: at.cmt.com/uXvwn Watch more videos from CMT now: bit.ly/2gJ0kWw MORE MUSIC CITY Meet the Cast bit.ly/2EWyzDT Official Trailer bit.ly/2oqPdkQ MUSIC CITY on CMT follows five friends as they enter the next chapter of their lives…2018-03-24T16:00:01.000Z

Be sure to watch Bryant and Alisa on CMT’s Music City, airing new episodes on Thursday nights at 10/9 C.

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