‘Catfish’ S7, E25: What’s Up With Dallas and Safari?

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It’s a double-dose of Catfish tonight as Nev and Tallulah Willis team up to help a guy named Dallas who’s anxious to meet up with Safari, a woman he’s been talking to online. Recently, Safari asked if Dallas would be down for some group action with his roommate causing Dallas to grow suspicious that he’s being played. Tallulah isn’t buying it. (Because hello…this is Catfish.)

Safari has been sending Dallas sexy pics and vids, but Dallas says he’s never sent her anything in return. The two hosts leave to meet up with Dallas IRL, talking about how great he seems on the way.

Nev tells Dallas that he’s different from others he’s had on the show because Dallas isn’t in love with Safari. Dallas mentions that it’s still hard to walk away even though he knows he can walk at any moment. (What’s that thing they say about curiosity…?) Roommate Kevin shows up and he seems just as vested in finding out who Safari actually is. Nev and Tallulah are on the case!

A reverse phone search shows Safari’s phone registered to a man named William. Tallulah notices that Safari’s email on Instagram is listed as “Ari Safari” which leads them to believe that the woman’s real name is Arianna (or Ari, for short). The two reach out to a girl they think might know Ari, plus, they realize one of Safari’s photos has a photographer’s tag on it. And the clues are coming in!

The photographer calls Nev back and his name is Jermaine. Nev inquires about Safari. “She’s actually one of the cooler people I shoot,” Jermaine says before telling them that Safari actually lives in Arizona, not Los Angeles. He confirms that Safari’s page was hacked before, so the two guess that maybe the real Ari is just being a little nervous.

Rachel, the girl in one of the Instagram photos, calls Nev back too, but she doesn’t know anyone named Dallas. Rachel confirms that the number Dallas has is not Ari’s real number and the plot thickens! Arianna has a definite imposter.

Nev and Tallulah meet Dallas at the gym to go over their new intel. They tell Dallas about Ari’s Instagram and iCloud hack and it takes him a while to process. They also tell him about the faulty phone number. “Don’t tell me that dude,” he laughs. This Dallas guy seems like a good sport, though when feelings aren’t involved it’s definitely less savage. I’m cool with it considering that brutal last episode. Oof.

Someone (Safari? I’m so confused!) sends Nev a photo of Safari holding a sign with a message for Nev. “Tell Dallas I’ll talk to him later about all of this, LOL” The gang is suspicious—how did Safari send that picture within two minutes? This one just keeps getting weirder.

Dallas gets a text from Safari saying there are a few things she needs to clear up. “I need to meet up somewhere by you,” she texts. OK, Catfish fans. It’s showtime.

Nev and Tallulah head back to Dallas’s and the trio starts speculating. Does she live with her parents in Arizona? Does she have another guy on the line? If she lives in Arizona, why is she all of a sudden back in LA? “An-tici-pa-tion!” sings Dallas. He’s visibly nervous as a man approaches their picnic table…a man he knows from around town.

The guy is William and the two have mutual social circles in Los Angeles. William had been checking out Dallas on social media when Safari convinced William to contact Dallas. William doesn’t feel like he did anything wrong, but Dallas is fired up by the lies. Dallas has subscribers online that he sends racy pics to, and William feels that since Dallas is profiting from the gay community, then maybe he’d have a shot at a threesome with Dallas and Safari. He also doesn’t seem to be shook up from the fact that what he did was creepy and weird and evil, but OK, sure. Moving on.

William agrees to find out where Safari is and to text Nev, Tallulah, and Dallas the address. Will we ever get to see this Safari woman or is William just going to ghost us viewers?

We finally meet Safari and she tells the Catfish crew that she was going to help William meet Dallas and play matchmaker. Nev asks if she would’ve had a threesome with the two men and she says, “Yeah…I’m a freak!” She then tells Dallas that he seems to be pandering to the gay community, and although she does something similar, she’s interested in both sexes. “Sorry, we kind of cockblocked,” says Nev on his way out. That cheeky rascal.

Dallas definitely seems deflated. He’s annoyed that they wasted his time but seems relieved to know the truth finally. On a follow-up call, Dallas doesn’t hold any grudges toward William or Safari, but we all know the truth now:

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