‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Who Was the First Houseguest Evicted? (Live Recap)

Celebrity Big Brother

Sonja Flemming/CBS Actor and host Jonathan Bennett finds himself on the chopping block tonight alongside Kandi Burruss and Joey Lawrence.

Three houseguests will start tonight’s episode on the chopping block but only two of them will survive the night. It’s the very first eviction night of Celebrity Big Brother, and Jonathan Bennett, Tom Green, or Anthony Scaramucci will be exiting the house to meet Julie Chen and the live studio audience.

So who got the axe? In a vote of 6-1-0, actor Jonathan Bennett was evicted from the Big Brother house. But how did it all go down? Here’s what happened.

Right out the gate, Julie announces that a twist is coming that will “turn the game upside down.” (Yeah, Jules, I think we know a little bit about that already.) Not one, but two houseguests will be leaving the house tonight!

Ryan catches Natalie and Tamar celebrating after the Veto ceremony left nominations the same, which fuels paranoia in Jonathan. Are the girls really on their side?

Ryan, the current HOH, calls the entire house to the living room to tell them that the twists are a-comin’! (Seriously. Xzibit meme. Who’s on it?) Celebrity news segments start playing in the living room and the first says that one of the houseguests isn’t a real houseguest. The Mooch then appears on the screen.

“I’m actually not a Big Brother houseguest, but I’m part of a Big Brother twist. Just like I left my mark in Washington, I’m going to leave my mark on the Big Brother game,” says The Mooch.

The Mooch then tells the group that he’s giving the current nominees a second shot at safety…with a second Veto! Since Anthony is out of the house, Ryan must nominate another houseguest for eviction. He chooses Kandi, and Tamar wastes no time in the diary room: “I’m happy.” Oh, the shade.

Ryan and Jonathan start brainstorming. Ryan wants to target Lolo should the second Veto get used. The guys are still not over Lolo flipping them off (well, technically she flipped off the memory wall). The guys don’t have any trust in their supposed alliance with Lolo, Natalie, and Tamar, and that could very well be a game-ender for the bobsledder.

Ryan, Jonathan, Tom, Kandi, Kato, and Dina are playing The Mooch Veto. In the competition, the houseguests are surrounded by headlines about The Mooch. Some are real news and others are fake news. The houseguest that correctly identifies the number of real headlines will win the second Power of Veto.

Kato tells us that he really wants to win the Veto so he can save Tom. He takes his time and is the last houseguest to guess his answer of eight real headlines…and he wins the power to save his buddy, Tom. Lolo is worried (rightly so) that she could be backdoored. But will Kato keep his promise to remove Tom from the block?

Lolo and Ryan have a sit-down and Lolo tells him that she knew he was considering backdooring her. (Ryan—ya caught!) Ryan isn’t sure anymore if putting up Lolo is the right call; he doesn’t want to hurt Lolo or get any more blood on his hands. (Keep in mind, the two have a pre-BB friendship through the Olympics.) The two have an amicable conversation, but will it be enough to patch things up between the two?

After a commercial break, Kato officially uses the Veto on his buddy Tom which means Ryan will have to select yet another houseguest as a replacement nominee. His new nominee is Joey Lawrence—Whoa!

Ryan’s main target is Kandi, but he wants to keep Lolo and Natalie close so they can screw them over later. Ahh, classic BB. That’s some savage savagery.

Tom wants to keep Kandi since he thinks they can beat her in comps going forward. He also knows that Jonathan is here to play. “If we can get one of the stronger competitors out, we should probably take that shot now,” says Tom.

In the live vote, Dina votes to evict Kandi; Kato, Tamar, Ricky, Tom, Lolo, and Natalie vote to evict Jonathan who officially becomes the first evicted houseguest of Celebrity Big Brother.

Jonathan calls his biggest mistake teaming up with an Olympic gold medalist from Day 1, which he says put a huge target on his back. (Though to be fair, Jonathan’s nomination and eviction was similar to Rock Star’s last season in #BB20—the HOH didn’t nominate either of the two in both situations.) Bennett says living in the house was like trying to get a basket of puppies to all face the same way, which honestly is a great analogy for this cutthroat game.

The HOH competition can be seen LIVE on the feeds immediately following the episode. Feedsters, we might have a long night ahead of us!

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