Are Codi & Candace Dating on ‘Floribama Shore’?

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The relationship between Codi Butts and Candace Rice has been a defining storyline of Floribama Shore. The former has made his feelings for Candace known on multiple occasions, and they even agreed to go on a date together during the first half of season two. Given the ups and downs they’ve undergone, however, some viewers may be wondering whether Codi and Candace are a couple or whether they’re just friends.

Currently, its unclear whether Codi and Candace are dating. Candace decided to not go on the date they made during the start of season two, as she was reportedly seeing someone else at the time. Despite this, the two have posted photos together on Instagram as recently as January 8. “Well well well….. if it ain’t my girl Candace!”, Codi wrote in one of the captions. Several fans in the comment section have sounded off about their hopes that Codi and Candace are together. Codi spoke to TooFab about his feelings for Candace and he made it clear that he hasn’t given up on the possibility of a romance.

Codi & Candace Are Not Currently Dating on ‘Floribama Shore’

“I was going to see where this was going to go,” he said. “I wasn’t going to pressure her into doing something she didn’t want to do, nor was I going just completely throw myself at her and make a fool of myself. I wouldn’t let her know that I’m being genuine and being serious.”

Codi went on to admit that his demeanor may have led Candace to believe he wasn’t as serious about their potential romance as he actually was. “I was very serious,” he admitted. “But I come off as very flirtatious and fun-loving and always trying to have a good time. So I can see where she thought that I was probably not serious and I’m trying to, you know, tell her that I am serious, just give me a chance and I can show you how serious I can be.”

Codi Has Said That He Doesn’t Plan to Give Up on His Potential Romance With Candace

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Well well well….. if it ain’t my girl Candace!

A post shared by Codi Butts (@code_eye10) on Jan 8, 2019 at 6:13pm PST

Codi also explained what his idea of a gentleman is, and how he feels he’s right for Candace. “I think a gentleman is somebody that is number one, respectful to women,” he said. “Number two, not only that, but you open the car door, you open up the door for a lady, you pull her chair out, you just slide her up to the table, you know, if she needs her steak cut, you cut a steak for her.

“I mean you ain’t her servant, but I mean you are very courteous to her and treat her with respect,” he added. “You don’t talk down to her, you don’t belittle in front of people or, or even behind closed doors and you damn sure don’t put your hands on a woman ever.”

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