Did Archie Die on ‘Riverdale’? [SPOILERS]

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Last week on Riverdale, fans were left with a huge cliffhanger. It looked like Archie died when Season 3 Episode 9 ended. Did he?

Spoilers below for only the first few minutes of tonight’s episode.

No, Archie did not die on Riverdale last week. In fact, when the show picked up this week, there wasn’t even a moment when viewers were left to wonder what happened. Last week, it looked like Archie was dead after a bear attack. He was lying on his bed in the woods, covered in blood, his eyes staring open like he was dead.

His dog didn’t seem too worried though, as some fans pointed out.

But Archie didn’t die.

The episode opened with Jughead saying that Archie died, but then he quickly clarifies to indicate that the “old Archie died.”

By the time tonight’s episode starts over, Archie is healthy again, with just a little pain from his bear attack, and he returns to Riverdale.

Nothing’s changed. Hiram could still be after him. But now that he’s been attacked by a bear, he feels like he’s ready to face Hiram. Archie tells his dad that he didn’t remember much, just that he woke up in the hospital and realized he couldn’t keep running.

Some fans are disappointed we didn’t get to see more of that bear attack.

Riverdale has been putting off fans a bit lately with the way they handle misleading cliffhangers. The midseason hiatus involved a cliffhanger with a town quarantine and a spreading seizure sickness. But when the season picked back up, the quarantine was already over and resolved, much like Archie’s near-death this week.

However, despite the misleading cliffhanger, fans are glad that Archie isn’t actually dead, and we’ll get to see more of his adventures in the rest of this season. It’s nice to have him back with the rest of the cast.

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