‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4,’ Episode 6: Which Queen is Returning to the Competition? (Live Recap)

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4

Mike Coppola/Getty Images The queens of "RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 4" hit the red carpet at TRL Studios in New York City.

Last week on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4, Mama Ru made a jaw-dropping twisty announcement: No one was eliminated from the competition and All Stars rules were suspended “until further notice”—but what does that mean!? On tonight’s episode, we’re about to find out.

A cryptic mirror message in the Werk Room told the ladies, “Get ready to lip-synch for your life, life, life, life!” Will the queens have to throw down in a Royal Rumble-style lip-synch? Will an already eliminated queen return to the competition? (DUH.) Let’s find out who, what, where, and why as we recap tonight’s Drag Race shenanigans live—refresh for updates!

The queens come face to face with their eliminated counterparts, and Farrah Moan tells the shocked contestants that RuPaul told them they’d have a chance to come back into the game.

“I’m clutching my pearls, bitch,” says Trinity the Tuck. So are we, Trinity. So. Are. We.

Monét and Manila reveal that they were both going to eliminate Valentina had they been given the chance, and Valentine is more than shook…she’s feeling some kind of way.

Latrice confesses that she didn’t feel that Monique’s reasoning for sending her home was sincere, saying that she knew Monét was Monique’s Season 10 friend. Monique tells Latrice that there was no shade whatsoever in the decision, but Monét had a better report card at the time. (#TRUTH) Latrice still seems bitter, though she’s trying to play it cool.

Gia flat out asks Trinity why she’s bothered; Trinity tells Gia that she’s just back to stir the pot. Farrah tells us that she’s going to keep a “comfortable distance” from Gia (aka, everyone’s on Gia Watch because girl is shady as hell).

Ru enters the Werk Room and says that for the first time in Her-story, it’s a Lalaparuza! Each eliminated queen will choose one current queen to lip-synch battle. The winners of each lip-synch will continue in the competition and the losers will go home for good. Since Manila and Monét won the challenge last week, they’re immune for this craziness—what a week for them to win.

Monique thinks that Latrice is going to pick her since Latrice questioned “my character and my integrity.” Monique is ready to go, saying that she’d pick Latrice if given the choice. For the record, this is Latrice’s third showing, and Monique has no problem called out Latrice for her same old pageant queen performance…in a private interview. (It’s true though!)

Gia calls out Trinity for being the most nervous, but the Tuck isn’t having it. “I’m not going to be in my head about. I’m going to do what I know how to do…perform,” says Trinity. “Poof! Be gone.”

Trinity takes the time to tell Farrah that she needs to believe in herself, and that All Stars 4 is just a blip in her career. Farrah is ready for her second chance and knows she needs to build up her confidence.

Manila is living for this. “Pass me the popcorn. Is there a hot dog I can eat?” asks Manila, who’s sitting pretty with immunity. She notes that the eliminated queens have nothing to lose and everything to gain. “I’m so happy I’m safe, oh my gosh, I can’t even tell you.”

The time has come for the queens to prove themselves. Jasmine Masters is up first and she’s facing off against Trinity. The pit crew brings out four boxes, and Trinity chooses box number three to reveal “Peanut Butter.” The first lip-synch is about to go down!

“Please let Trinity do her famous butt shake,” prays Farrah. And that she does, ladies and gentlemen. So much jiggle. Mama Ru seems pleased with the ladies’ performances, and Trinity: Shantay you stay. (Phew. I was about to throw. down. if the Tuck had to sashay instead of shantay.)

Farrah Moan is up next and she chooses to go against Valentina. “Cue the telenovela music,” says Ru. Valentina chooses box number one and “Kitty Girl” it is!

“Valentine is turning it…and I live for her!” says Latrice.

Valentina earns her spot back in the game, and Farrah must sashay away. “I feel at peace right now. My performance was pretty f*cking fierce,” says Farrah, who promises to continue working on her craft.

Next up: Gia vs. Naomi Smalls. Naomi picks “Adrenaline” and lip-synch number three is a go. Naomi puts those stems to good use and crushes Gia who spends most of the song just twirling her hair around. This one is no competition. Ru hasn’t even called this one yet, but I’m going to do it for her: Naomi wins. Hands down. I mean:

It’s time for the final faceoff: Monique Heart vs. Latrice Royale. “It’s definitely not personal,” says Latrice. “It’s just personal.” Touché. The song: “Sissy That Walk.”

The time has come for these queens to lip-synch for their LIVES!

“This is the Super Bowl! This is the gay Super Bowl!” says Monique.

And it’s on like Donkey Kong. Both queens bring it, but Monique’s orange wig and attitude is fire. To be honest (and this coming from a Monique stan), it seems dead even. Ru makes the call: Latrice stays. (“Gag bitch,” says Monét.)

A devastating, crushing elimination, until…wait…Monique gets to shantay and stay! Ru drops the twistiest twist in reality TV history (OK, that’s dramatic) telling Monique that she isn’t going anywhere. Both queens get to stay and I am here for that (especially since it means I’m getting crazy points in my Fantasy League for guessing Latrice as the returning queen.)

That was a jam-packed episode of Drag Race and this competition is still anyone’s to snatch.

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