‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4,’ Episode 7 Elimination: Which Queen Sashayed Away?

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Last week, pageant queen Latrice Royale won her way back into the competition after a LaLaPaRuZa lip-synch battle that pitted eliminated queens against those still in the running to be America’s Next Top Model the winner of All Stars 4. Since Latrice did a reverse-sashay, no one was eliminated from last week’s episode, but you can sure as hell bet that one of them was kicked to the curb in tonight’s Race.

And the eliminated queen was: Valentina.

After a fierce club challenge, returning queen Latrice finally struck gold winning the week along with Trinity the Tuck. The Tuck gave Manila props though (and one of her prizes for the W), and Manila appreciated the recognition.

Valentina wasn’t happy about being in the bottom again. “Now, I’m in a very vulnerable position,” she said.

Trinity made mention that she’s really good friends with Valentina. “Naomi has been consistent in the competition, that’s a pro. Con: I keep forgetting about Naomi,” said Trinity.

On the other side of the Werk Room, Valentina had a heart to heart with Latrice.

“I want to be fighting my way to the top and I see myself there with you,” Valentina told Latrice before the waterworks turned on. “I’m trying to keep myself together but when you’re exhausted and fatigued, emotions come in. I just have to push through.”

In the lip-synch, Latrice and Trinity battled it out over Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record).” Trinity wore a granny suit that she stripped off to reveal a naked, sagging chest, while Latrice played it straight(er) and won the 10,000 doe-lahs.

“I didn’t know it was going to be so hard…this person is a brilliant artist, but I had to choose Valentina,” Latrice said through tears.

“I may not have won this competition, but this experience is a part of my story,” said Valentina on her way out.

Valentina was last seen on Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race where she placed seventh losing to Sasha Velour. She’s known for using her drag as a way to represent Latin American culture on stage and make drag more accepted in Latin American culture.

Before appearing on Drag Race, Valentina won an early club version of the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula contest, which is now a TV show.

Outside of Drag Race, Valentina appeared in the sixth episode of the 24th cycle of America’s Next Top Model, in a photo shoot challenge with fellow Drag Race alumni Manila Luzon and Katya.

In December of last year, Valentina released a song called “A Prueba De Todo.”

Valentina – A Prueba de Todo (Official Audio)Valentina – A Prueba de Todo – Official Audio A Prueba De Todo – Single Lyrics: Yo soy a prueba de todo y te lo debo a ti Herida en el suelo me viste morir De ti solo queda una gran cicatriz Ya recuperé los pedazos de mí Yo soy a prueba de todo y…2018-12-23T21:37:55.000Z

In October of 2018, it was announced that Valentina was cast as Angel Dumott Schunard in FOX’s live version of the musical Rent. Rent: Live airs Sunday January 27, 2019 at 8/7 central.

Valentina will co-star alongside Jordan Fisher as Mark Cohen, Brennin Hunt as Roger Davis, Tinashe as Mimi Marquez, Brandon Victor Dixon as Tom Collins, Vanessa Hudgens as Maureen Johnson, Kiersey Clemons as Joanne Jefferson, and Mario as Benjamin Coffin III.

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