‘Gotham’ Season 5 Cast Spoilers: Batman Vs. Joker

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Gotham returns to FOX tonight for its fifth and final season. The superhero show will pick up after the radical events of season four, which saw all the bridges in Gotham blown up and Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) deciding to stay in the city to protect it from villains.

The fifth season, subtitled “Legend of the Dark Knight”, will deal with the fallout of these explosions, as well as the transformation of Bruce Wayne from troubled teenager to a full-fledged Batman. This season will also see the relationship between Batman and Jeremiah Valeska (Cameron Monaghan), Gotham‘s version of the Joker, more closely resemble the Batman and Joker dynamic we’ve come to know and love from the comic books.

The Dynamic Between Batman & Jeremiah Will More Closely Resemble the Joker Comic Books

“Jeremiah wants to be best friends with Bruce, Bruce hates Jeremiah, but in Jeremiah’s world, Bruce is playing hard to get,” Mazouz told the Hollywood Reporter. “He does awful things that he thinks will eventually make Bruce come around to him, but neither can end this cycle since Bruce cannot kill, and Jeremiah doesn’t want to hurt Bruce.”

Mazouz went on to tease that Batman and Jeremiah will be having a standoff for the ages. “Bruce hates him but he can’t end the cycle because he’s vowed not to kill him,” he said. “But it’s very exciting how Bruce takes him down and there is one of the most iconic fights which is the moment I’m most excited for this season. It has a lot of hints to a couple of very famous Joker storylines between Bruce and Jeremiah.”

David Mazouz: ‘How Bruce Takes Him Down Is the Moment I’m Most Excited for This Season’

Monaghan, who was one of the highlights of the fourth season, said that Jeremiah is beginning to lose sight of the bit of sanity he still had left. “He’s still very intelligent, a genius, but his genius is now obsessive in weird places,” the actor reveals. “He’s slipping in his sanity. The majority of his plot line this season is his strange in his mind ‘friendship’ with Bruce. It’s this last little glimpse of his vulnerability and humanity within his relationship with Bruce.”

“We’re seeing a development in Jeremiah’s personality and temperament,” Monaghan added. “At the end of last season, he did something really weird for a villain in which he basically succeeded. Now he has spent a few months between seasons enjoying it and growing more of an ego from it. He has developed this hubris and sense of comfort in himself which he didn’t have before. That’s causing a certain level of instability within him.”

Jeremiah Actor Cameron Monaghan Teased that the Character Will Undergo a Huge Change By the End of the Series

Monaghan also teased that Jeremiah will undergo a significant change in character by the end of the series. “He is enjoying himself more, but he is also more emotional, and caring, about his relationship with Bruce,” he revealed. “By the end of the season, boy, we have a whole new evolution with him. And we get to see him change in an extremely significant way.”

Gotham season five premieres tonight at 8/7c on FOX.

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