LHHMIA: Did Gunplay Cheat On Keyara With Amara?

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L ove & Hip Hop: Miami returns tonight for its second season on VH1. The premiere episode is titled “Take It to the House” and a main storyline will deal with the drama between Gunplay and Keyara. “Gunplay and Keyara hit a crossroads in their relationship,” teases the episode description.

The rift between Gunplay and Keyara has been hinted at through various season two promos. The couple hit a rough patch last year when Keyara caught Gunplay using cocaine, and threatened to leave him if he didn’t quit. Now, it appears, they’ve officially decided to end things. In one of the promo clips, Gunplay tells Young Hollywood that women sliding into his DMs was partially to blame for his break up. Much to Hollywood’s surprise, one of the women turns out to be cast member Amara La Negra.

Gunplay Says That Amara Sliding Into His DMs Was Partially to Blame for His Break Up

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Young Hollywood, who has a past of his own with Amara, listened to Gunplay’s worries and asked more about his feelings towards Keyara. Gunplay reveals that he hopes to marry Keyara one day and wants to work on their relationship. When Young Hollywood asked if Gunplay had slept with Amara, the “Cartoons & Cereal” rapper said no. Gunplay also attributed his falling out with Keyara because he felt that he was putting in 100% and not getting that in return.

In the season two premiere, Amara claimed that she’s been so busy with her music career that she’s had no time to pursue a love life. Nevertheless, she’s been at the center of most of this season’s drama. In addition to her possible affair with Gunplay, she has been at odds with newcomer Jessie Woo. A promo clip shows that Woo tosses a drink in Amara’s face, and Woo even took to Snapchat to claim that Amara was trying to ruin her series debut.

Amara Has Been Getting Into Drama With Several Of Her Season 2 Cast Members

Gunplay attempted to talk things out with Keyara in the season premiere. “You know the DMs and all that, as far as me dealing with anyone woman physically, there’s none of that,” he explained. The rapper went on to say that he felt under-appreciated after Keyara moved out. After a shouting match, Keyara said that she needed space and that they weren’t getting back together.

“Nothing has hurt more than losing Keyara,” Gunplay says after the fight. He then went on to explain that while he will do as she wishes, he isn’t giving up on their relationship. “I’m giving [Keyara] space but I’m not giving up on her,” he revealed.

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