‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Season 5 Returns: Spoilers

Tonight, How to Get Away with Murder returns for the latter half of season 5, and everyone is wondering… well, a lot of things. Namely, what is Gabriel’s motive? How will Annalise deal with Miller’s death, considering she’s already pretty much gone off the rails? And will Bonnie and Nate be able to cover up this murder?

Read on for tonight’s top spoilers.

How to Get Away with Murder 5×09 Sneak Peek "He Betrayed Us Both" (HD) Season 5 Episode 9 Sneak PeekHow to Get Away with Murder 5×09 "He Betrayed Us Both" Season 5 Episode 9 Sneak Peek – The group questions Laurel (Karla Souza) about Gabriel (Rome Flynn) and she tells them the truth. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more How to Get Away with Murder season 5 promos in HD! How to Get…2019-01-17T17:28:49.000Z

On the last episode, which aired in November, Oliver and Connor finally exchanged vows. Then, the party was underway. We all watched as Annalise stole a couple trips to the bathroom to drink hard liquor. Meanwhile, Michaela told Nate that a call was made to him the day his father died. And whoever made that call is responsible for Nate Sr’s death.

Later on, we learned that Miller is the one who made the call. So when he shows up with a wedding ring to propose to Bonnie, Nate tails him and pummels him to near-death. When Bonnie finally goes outside to find them, Miller is barely conscious. Nate then tells her that he’s the one responsible for Nate Sr’s death… and finishes him off, herself. That’s right– Bonnie kills her boyfriend.

Back in Annalise’s world, she learns that Gabriel is Sam Keating’s son. (The Sam Keating whose relationship Annalise broke up and who Annalise was married to for over 20 years.) And in the last few moments of the episode, Gabriel uses the keys he stole earlier from a drunken Annalise to break into her home. The question now is why? What does Gabriel want from Annalise?

This week, TV Guide spoke to showrunner Pete Nowalk about where fans can expect the show to head for the remainder of season 5. Nowalk dished that the show will pick up tonight on the same night as the wedding.

That means Annalise is still with Gabriel in her apartment. Nowalk says, “… we’re going to do an awesome storyline between the two of them where we get a lot of answers and, within that, we’re going to be flashing back and seeing Sam again and understanding when he knew — and if he knew — about Gabriel and how that happened. … It’s a very emotional episode, especially these flashbacks with Sam and Annalise as we discover did Sam know about Gabriel, what was his relationship with him, what was his relationship with Vivian. All of that will come out. … We’re giving the audience a lot of answers.”

Another spoiler is that tonight, we’re going to learn who Frank was talking to on the phone throughout the entire season. Who else knew about Gabriel? “We’re going to find that out in this first episode back, and of course, there’s going to be a big fallout from that.”

And what will the rest of the season center on? According to Nowalk, Ron’s murder is going to steal the show. Since he’s a DA, the FBI is going to be involved in the murder. So, he says, “getting away with this is not going to be easy.”

Lastly, what’s the deal with Annalise? Is she going to be able to turn things around with everything that’s going on? Nowalk dishes, “She’s constantly trying to get sober but now would probably not be the easiest time for her to do that. That involves what? Focusing on yourself, making sure your life is balanced and healthy? And she’s constantly just dealt one mess after the other. She’s going to continue to struggle with that, and that’s what, as writers, we’re really interested in. People get sober and they relapse and this is a life-long struggle for her. That’s what interesting to us about it.”

Be sure to tune into the midseason premiere of How to Get Away with Murder tonight on ABC at 10pm ET/PT.