‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Returns: What Time & Channel Is It on?

Tonight, How to Get Away With Murder returns with the second half of season 5, and there are a lot of burning questions on everyone’s mind.

The show will pick up tonight on ABC at 10pm ET/PT.

Fans of the series are well aware that it has been two long months since the series has aired, and tonight, we’re hoping to get some answers.

Where did we leave off? Who has died, and what is left to learn? And what’s the deal with the mysterious Gabriel? Read on.

How to Get Away with Murder 5×09 Promo "He Betrayed Us Both" (HD) Season 5 Episode 9 PromoHow to Get Away with Murder 5×09 "He Betrayed Us Both" Season 5 Episode 9 Promo – Now that Connor and Oliver have tied the knot, the crew must deal with the consequences of the wedding night’s murder; and Annalise is forced to reckon with secrets from her past, on “How to Get Away with…2019-01-10T19:47:06.000Z

In November, we learned that Ronald Miller died at Connor and Oliver’s wedding. This isn’t really a surprise– as we’ve learned by now, the show isn’t scared to kill off its key characters.

The death transpired after Michaela told Nate that a call was made to the state the day Nate Sr. died, and whoever made that call is responsible for his father’s death. Fast forward some time and we (and Nate) learn that Miller is the one who made the call.

When Miller shows up at the wedding to propose to Bonnie, Nate seeks him out and essentially pummels him to death.

For those who may forget– Miller is the Interm District Attorney and was Bonnie’s boyfriend. It was a bit shocking to see Nate go at this guy in a full fit of rage, but by now, who knows what sides of people other characters can bring out.

The ongoing mystery surrounding Gabriel is also something work discussing. Why is this kid even here? What’s his objective?

In the fall finale, we learned that Gabriel isn’t Annalise’s son– he is Sam (Tom Verica’s) son from a previous marriage. Annalise was the one who broke that marriage up when she started seeing Sam years ago.

At the top of the episode, Annalise took a few bathroom breaks to down some liquor. This wasn’t a good sign– it means she’s back off the tracks. She then had a strange interaction with Gabriel in a church.

When Annalise went home towards the end of the episode, she collapsed on her living room floor. Only to be woken by the sound of none other than Gabriel (he took her keys at the church.) We’ll have to tune in tonight to see how Gabriel reacts to the fact that Annalise already knew he was Sam’s son. Is he surprised? Angry? And again, what is his goal here?

Only time will tell.

Be sure to tune into a new episode of Hot to Get Away with Murder tonight on ABC at 10pm ET/PT.