‘I Am the Night’ Miniseries Cast & Spoilers

Getty Patty Jenkins, India Eisley and Sam Sheridan of 'I Am The Night'

TNT’s new crime miniseries I Am the Night airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET. The series focuses on Fauna Hodel and Jay Singletary, who investigated a case tied to the Black Dahlia murder in the 1960s.

Read on to uncover spoilers and to get acquainted with the stellar cast below. The miniseries is based on Hodel’s book One Day She’ll Darken: The Mysterious Beginnings of Fauna Hodel. The main characters are as listed:

Fauna Hodel (India Eisley)

Fauna Hodel is a young girl who was given up by her birth mother,  and who sets out to uncover the secrets of her past. She ends up following a sinister trail that swirls closer to a gynecologist involved in the Black Dahlia murder.

Jay Singletary (Chris Pine)

Jay Singletary is a disgraced journalist who destroyed his career covering George Hodel, and who wants to redeem himself with Fauna’s help. Singeltary is not based on a real person, but rather a composite of different journalists and reporters.

George Hodel (Jefferson Mays)

George Hodel was a physician and reputed abortionist who was associated with several high-profile murders and unsolved cases in California. He was a prime suspect in the Black Dahlia murder, and was also accused of being the Zodiac and the Lipstick Killer at various points before his death.

‘I Am the Night’ Spoilers

It is eventually revealed that Dr. George Hill Hodel, the notorious physician, is Hodel’s maternal grandfather. He secretly carried out abortions for unmarried actresses and escorts in Hollywood during the 1940s, and was reportedly prone to misdiagnosing his patients on purpose so that he could charge them for unnecessary prescriptions.

When aspiring actress Elizabeth Short was found murdered and mutilated in a vacant lot in 1947, many pointed to Dr. Hodel as the prime suspect. According to Fansided, however, the trail to the doctor went cold and the case remains unsolved to this day. Dr. Hodel was also accused of being the Zodiac and the Lipstick Killer before his death in

He would go on to serve as one of the inspirations for the character Charles Montgomery on American Horror Story. Dr. Hodel was also accused of sexually abusing his daughter Tamar. Tamar eventually had a child with another man, but she gave the child away to a Nevada nurse and didn’t have contact with her again until the child, named Fauna, found her as an adult.

The mere fact that Fauna was able to write the story means that there is a spoiler factor to the show’s six episodes. We know that she survived her ordeal and was eventually able to reconcile with her mother. We also know that she and Singletary were never able to prove that her grandfather, Dr. Hodel, was the Black Dahlia killer. Fauna also produced the TNT series before her passing on September 30, 2017 from breast cancer.

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