‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: Jake and Amy, A Love Story

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Vivian Zink/NBC Newlyweds Jake and Amy take in some honeymoon sun on the Season 6 premiere of NBC's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

Attention, squad! Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back tonight for its sixth season premiere. After Fox canceled Andy Samberg’s police comedy in May, the internet erupted with support and sadness, but thanks to NBC, the show has new life (don’t worry—the jokes are still toight). It was a long and hard journey (title of your sex tape!) between the show’s cancellation and revival, in which star Melissa Fumero (Amy Santiago) told EW: “It was the most intense and emotional 36 hours of my life, and I’ve given birth!”

When we last left the Nine-Nine, Jake (Samberg) and Amy (Fumero) were thrown a surprise wedding at the precinct after a bomb threat turned their ceremony plans upside down. Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) left the squad (us included, we’re in the squad now) hanging with a classic Holt stone-face reaction to the news on whether or not he landed the NYPD commissioner position.

In the season opener, we find Jake and Amy on their tropical honeymoon where “a highly unromantic complication arises.” Jake’s Die Hard wedding cake may have gotten ruined, but co-creator Dan Goor hints that “some Die Hard-related fantasies come true on the honeymoon.” Noice!

Here’s a recap of all things Jake and Amy.

Jake and Amy’s Competitive Beginnings

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Detectives Peralta and Santiago started the series as partners—and very competitive ones at that. They spent the first two seasons placing bets and constantly trying to one-up each other to prove who was the better detective and vie for the attention of their Captain, Raymond Holt. While they playfully tried to screw each other over from time to time (see any of the show’s Halloween episodes), it was clear the two had a mutual respect for each other and a close friendship.

Though Amy often pretended to be annoyed by Jake’s childish mannerisms, she also couldn’t help but crack a few smiles. While role playing murder scenarios in “The Vulture,” Amy responded that she’d only participate if she got to fake-murder Jake. When he called her “sweetheart,” she replied with “time to die.” That little exchange from Season 1 perfectly summarizes the early flirty days of Jake and Amy.

Peralta and Santiago Make It Official

In the second season’s finale, Jake and Amy kissed following a case where they were undercover as a recently engaged couple. When Season 3 picked up, the two admitted to each other that they’d like to explore a real relationship under a few certain guidelines: Don’t tell anyone, don’t label the relationship, and no sex right away.

As the series progressed, the two attempted to maintain some boundaries while at work to varying degrees of adorable, yet mushy success. In “The Cruise,” Jake and Amy took their very first vacation together as a couple, only to find an old adversary on board with them. Regardless, Amy told Jake she loved him for the very first time, and responded with the same.

Season 5’s Engagement and Subsequent Wedding

In “HalloVeen,” after the annual Halloween heist shenanigans, Jake proposed to Amy in the evidence room using the Amazing Human/Detective belt he altered to say, “Amy Santiago, will you marry me?” After checking to make sure he wasn’t joking, Peralta gave a speech that was both sweet and saucy, and in pure Brooklyn fashion, he mentioned her butt twice. Jake said he figured out he wanted to marry Amy when she pointed out that her crossword puzzle had a typo in it. Amy accepted the proposal, and Charles fainted when he learned the news. Obviously.

Not even a bomb threat, dress crisis, and a Nakatomi Plaza cake disaster could stop this wedding from going down. In the Season 5 finale “Jake and Amy,” the happy (but kind of stressed out) couple got married at a surprise ceremony officiated by Captain Holt.

The Internet Can Rest Easy Now That Brooklyn is Back On the Job

Social media exploded in anger following Fox’s cancellation. The show quickly trended on Twitter as fans and celebrities alike mourned the loss of the Nine-Nine. Lin-Manuel Miranda, Guillermo del Toro, Seth Myers, and Mark Hamill were just a few of the huge names chiming in to support the squad. The unofficial social media campaign paid off; in just a little over a day, NBC picked up the series for 13 episodes and later ordered five more.

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