Why Did Jenelle Evans Call 911 on Husband David Eason?

Jenelle Evans 911 Call

Jenelle Evans Instagram Jenelle Evans recently called the police on her husband David Eason for allegedly breaking her collarbone.

In October 2019, Jenelle Evans called 911 and the emergency phone call leaked to the media. In the call, Evans told the 911 operator that husband had hurt her, claiming, “My name is Jenelle Eason-Evans … and my husband assaulted me. He pinned me down on the ground in the yard and I think I heard my fucking collarbone crack and I can’t move my arms … He’s been drinking and I think that he got violent because he’s been drinking.”

According to Fox News, after the incident, Evans reportedly told police that she did not want to press charges against husband David Eason and she did not file a police report.

After Evans’ 911 call was leaked, her husband responded to the reports by posting a photo of the couple’s daughter, Ensley, online, rather respond directly about the incident, according to Newsweek. A rep for Evans denied that Eason had abused the reality star. In the statement, Evans claimed that she tripped and fell during a bonfire at the couple’s house in North Carolina, which is also known as “The Land.” According to In Touch Weekly, Evans said that the incident was a misunderstanding and that she had tripped over a hole.

Evans also told Us Weekly, “Me and David were in the middle of arguing about something … I went and fell down, David wouldn’t catch me, he tripped over the hole and we both fell down together. And right after it happened, we filmed about it and I was open and honest.” She also said, “Yeah, I hurt my shoulder. But I went to the doctor afterwards and it’s just a sprain and I was fine … I was like, ‘dude, I was drunk and when I get drunk, sometimes, I cry for no reason.’ I mean I was hurt, I’m not gonna lie about that.”

David Eason was reportedly fired from Teen Mom 2 after making controversial comments online and he has also had issues with Evans’ mother over the years. Eason has been vocal about his political views on social media and has had some legal trouble in recent months as well. Eason was reportedly fired from TM2 for posting a homophobic rant online, in which Eason wrote to a commenter, “And just what makes you think you have a right to tell me how to be a parent? Because you think you know me? LMAO, why don’t you go tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals. Oh, I forgot, that’s supposed to be normal.” Eason also addressed accusations that he was homophobic by writing, “Homophobic? You really lost it now. I’m not scared [of] shit, especially a homo.”

After each incident with the couple, the rumors start swirling that they are broken up or headed for a split. Even with all the ups and downs, Eason and Evans appear to be going strong, are not headed for divorce and are still going strong. And, Evans always speaks out, defending her husband against any accusations made against him by Teen Mom 2 fans or the general public.