Is Jennifer Aydin’s Husband Dr. Bill Cheating on Her? Mistress Rumors

Jennifer Aydin

Instagram Is Real Housewives of New Jersey newcomer Jennifer Aydin's husband cheating on her? Clips from tonight's episode indicate that there may be someone else.

Is Jennifer Aydin’s husband cheating on her? Rumors have been swirling about Aydin’s husband Dr. Bill being less-than-faithful to his Real Housewives of New Jersey wife following a heated altercation between Aydin and Marge Josephs.

Clips from tonight’s episode show Aydin and Josephs arguing over whether or not Aydin’s husband is sleeping with Aydin, with another woman, or in the pool house. After Aydin snaps at Josephs about her mother sleeping with another man for 15 years, she claims Josephs is “used to it,” but that “those things should be kept private.”

Josephs is quick to snap back, saying: “You’re right, you’re absolutely right. That’s why your husband sleeps in the f–king pool house.” Although Aydin looks visibly aggravated, she coolly replies back: “My husband doesn’t sleep in the pool house, honey. I’m secure in my marriage so it doesn’t bother me where the f–k he sleeps.”

Josephs isn’t done yet. She finishes her attack with a short, catty reply, “whether it’s in his girlfriend’s bed or not,” alluding to the idea that Aydin’s husband may have another lady in his life. As Aydin fumes at the table, Josephs tops off her remark, asking whether or not she “hit a nerve,” while Aydin looks like she is going to flip a table.

So what’s going on with Aydin and her plastic-surgeon husband Bill? Little is known about the Syrian Orthodox hubbie, aside from the fact that they have a generally conservative relationship. Earlier this season, Aydin had to ask Bill’s permission before she went on a trip with the other ladies, so we know their relationship is at least somewhat conventional.

But when it comes to their issues of marriage fidelity, Jennifer likes to keep the couple’s personal affairs private. “I’m not saying people don’t cheat,” she said in the an after-show clip. “Do whatever you want to do behind closed doors, but [take it] to the f–king grave.”

She also made a comment about Josephs mother sleeping with a married man, and wondered how the wife of that man must’ve felt knowing her husband was cheating on her. “How about that wife,” she adds, “who probably stayed with her husband all that time knowing that he was probably cheating and stayed for whatever reason that she had, either her kids or her livelihood.”

Her comment has viewers questioning whether or not that was a vague confession to Aydin knowing her husband might possibly be seeing another woman. One thing is for certain: if Bill does have a mistress, the couple is keeping his fidelity under tight wraps. Aydin has been vocal about her beliefs that any issues between the parents should be kept well away from their children, so if there is something going on behind her back, she isn’t going to be blasting it all over the media for her children to catch wind of.

“Children always learn by example,” she goes on to say. “If you grow up in a household [where] it’s OK to be with married people and it’s OK to cheat, then you grow up thinking that the respect or sanctity of marriage isn’t there anymore.”

What do you think about Adyin’s husband? Do you think he is cheating on her? Or that Aydin believes he is? Let us know in the comments below!

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