Where Is Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) on ‘The Flash’ & When Does He Come Back?

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Tonight, Joe West was conspicuously absent from yet another episode of The Flash. Where is he? Read on to learn about where the character is and why the actor, Jesse L. Martin, has been missing from the show. The good news is that he’s coming back soon. This post has minor spoilers for the latest episode of The Flash. 

Joe West’s absence was keenly felt from the show tonight. Nora West was severely injured in a fight with Cicada, to the point that it was unclear when she would be able to walk again. And when Cecille told Barry that she was calling Joe and telling him to come right away, Barry told her not to do that.

In the show’s universe, Joe West left town with their new baby because he was so concerned about their baby possibly being hurt by Cicada. This is a little unusual, considering that Joe never left town because of a villain before. But that’s the show’s explanation for his absence.

As for Jesse L. Martin, he’s been gone from the show because of a medical leave of absence. Fans noticed in earlier episodes this season that Martin was always sitting down during shoots or leaning against a wall for support. It turns out that he injured his back pretty badly during the hiatus. In a statement to EW, the studio said: “Jesse Martin is taking a medical leave of absence from The Flash. We wish him a full and speedy recovery and look forward to his return as Detective Joe West.”

Fans still miss Martin and talk about him on social media.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to see him again. Tonight’s episode was Episode 11 of Season 5, and Martin is scheduled to return to the show for Episode 15, ScreenRant reported. That means he’ll be back in a month. He last appeared in episode 4 of The Flash this season. TV Line reported that he’s already back on set and filming, so that’s great news.

In fact, an Instagram post on January 11 by Danielle Nicolet broke the great news. Martin looks happy and healthy.

Fans are excited that Joe’s coming back so soon.

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